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Q.A.C. Commissioners:
This issue really is a "No Brainer"!
Thursday, November 10 – 

Scheduled for 12:45 p.m. “Session”

QAC Planning Commission

160 Courseval Drive in Centreville (off 213 next to Food Lion shopping center)

Note that 12:45 session is listed on agenda with 3 items

CVS Pharmacy (Piney Creek Road/Rt 18); Home Farm and Four Seasons

Thursday, November 10 – 

Scheduled for 12:45 p.m. “Session”

QAC Planning Commission

160 Courseval Drive in Centreville (off 213 next to Food Lion shopping center)

Note that 12:45 session is listed on agenda with 3 items

CVS Pharmacy (Piney Creek Road/Rt 18); Home Farm and Four Seasons

Dear KIDL,

this morning on my bike ride i noticed a yellow sign near the intersection of the cross island  trail and castle marina road announcing a nov 10 meeting in centreville for final subdivision approval of phase one (total build out of 1350) for the first 106 single family houses & 50-odd condos. you'd have to stop your car and get out with a magnifying glass to read the notice.  of couse they're counting on very few people doing anything of the sort.

Dear KIDL,

Please read the notice that I have prepared for a flyer I will be handing out to the residents of the Castle Marina, Queen’s Landing and Bayside.  I need your help to get the word out!!  Hopefully people can rearrange their work schedule and pack the room for this meeting.


Please attend the meeting scheduled for November 10 at the Planning Commission.

The proposed condo units will be 55’ high and will exceed any current residential buildings in our County.  The hotels located in Kent Narrows area are approximately the same size as the proposed condo units.

I need your support in changing these soaring structures which will forever change the character of our beautiful communities.

Robert Foley 410-533-5058

Public notice sign on the property reads:

The Planning Commission of Queen Anne’s County hereby gives notice that this land is the subject of a public meeting for requesting final site plan and subdivision approval for Phase 1 proposing 106 single family lots and final site plan approval for condo units in 4 buildings.  12:45 p.m. November 10, 160 Courseval Drive, Centreville.

UPDATE:  How Are The Commissioners Doing?

*** IMPORTANT *** 

The County Commissioners have asked you to participate in an upcoming

Public Hearing on Development on Kent Island and the Four Seasons DRRA 

relative to public health, safety, and welfare concerns


Public Hearing on Four Seasons DRRA 
and Kent Island Growth Issues

Details Will Follow

Revised Draft of Title 18 (Zoning Ordinance) Released;
Public Hearing Scheduled for June 19, 2003

The Public Hearing is scheduled for Thursday, June 19, 2003 at 6:00 p.m. The hearing will be held at the Department of Planning and Zoning in the Planning Commission’s meeting room at 160 Coursevall Drive in Centreville. Concerned residents are encouraged to review the revised document and attend. 

Centreville – The Queen Anne’s County Planning Commission has released its Public Review Draft of Title18 (the County’s Zoning Ordinance). This represents the Planning Commission's work last year to revise the 1994 Zoning Ordinance, and its work in the first five months of 2003 following the repeal of Ordinance No: 02-12 by the Board of County Commissioners on December 17, 2002. 

Copies of the Title 18 Public Review Draft and petitions for comprehensive rezoning requests and associated maps are available for inspection at the following locations:

   Queen Anne’s County Department of Planning & Zoning, 160 Coursevall Drive, Centreville, Maryland. 
   Queen Anne’s County Commissioners Office, 107 N. Liberty Street, Centreville, Maryland. 
   Kent Island Branch of the Queen Anne’s County Library, Stevensville, Maryland. 
   Queen Anne’s County Library, Commerce Street, Centreville, Maryland. 
   Sudlersville Library, Sudlersville, Maryland. 
The text of Planning Commission Public Review Draft of Title 18 is also available on line at www.qac.org under the “Department of Planning and Zoning”.  From the pull down menu on the Department’s page, select from “Drafts/Proposals”, and then choose “Title 18”.

The Public Hearing is scheduled for Thursday, June 19, 2003 at 6:00 p.m. The hearing will be held at the Department of Planning and Zoning in the Planning Commission’s meeting room at 160 Coursevall Drive in Centreville. Concerned residents are encouraged to review the revised document and attend. 

A Concerned Citizen’s Check-List for New Title 18 

 Soon our new County Commissioners will be considering whether to approve a new zoning law: Title 18.  This law will regulate land use and development in the County for the next several years.

Will the new Title 18 be better than what we have now?  Will it protect the County’s heritage – or will it turn the County into a bedroom suburb of the Western Shore?

 The answer depends both on what’s in the new Title 18 itself and on what other legal measures are put in place by the Commissioners when they adopt new Title 18.  link

Responsible Growth?

7,000 New Housing Units are pending approval in Queen Anne’s County

4,000 New Housing Units on Kent Island

QAC received the Lowest Marks on controlling Sprawl

Now is a good time to get involved!!!

Kent Island Defense League
Open House / Membership Drive Meeting

Sunday May 18, 1 to 4 pm
Kent Island Yacht Club

Does this seem Responsible?

 QAC’s Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance

allows Schools at 120% of capacity and level D Road Service in Growth Areas
and does NOT address

Fire/Police services, Health Care, Stormwater, Parks, Solid Waste, etc.

QAC’s Impact Fees are set well below Justifiable Amounts

Many QAC Infrastructure Improvements will be financed by issuing 

large amounts of General Obligation Bonds in the Near Future

Please join us as we seek to maintain/improve

our Quality of Life & Environment


Information/Discussion on Current Growth Issues / Future Developments (1 to 2 pm)

Guest Speakers George Mauer/Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Bill Jenkins/Resource Planner

“Smart Conservation, Better Planning and Development”  (2 to 3 pm)

Election of Board Members (3 pm)

(Complimentary Burgers and Hot Dogs / Cash Bar / Music)

Membership Drive / Fund Raiser / Donations

Please renew your membership and your commitment to our Island


The list of pending developments can be viewed at www.SaveKentIsland.org


The Kent Island Yacht Club is located at Kent Narrows

Rt 50 Exit 41

KIDL's regular monthly meeting is the
2nd Thursday of Every Month
at 7:30 p.m. at the KI Library Meeting Room. 

Jan. 22, 2003
Press Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Katrina L. Tucker
Queen Anne’s County
Community Planner (410) 758-1255
Citizens Invited to Participate 
in Meetings on Title 18 Zoning Ordinance

Centreville - On December 17, 2002, the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners repealed Ordinance 02-12 that was the comprehensive update to the county’s zoning code, known as Title 18, and the associated zoning maps. In so doing, the County Commissioners referred the Title 18 update back to the County Planning Commission and staff, and directed that revisions be considered and submitted to them within 120 days. 

In an effort to obtain and incorporate the public’s comments and concerns into a revised document the Planning Commission will hold a series of listening and public informational sessions. These opportunities for public participation will be held at three different locations throughout the County:

Monday, February 3, 2003, 7PM-9PM at Kent Island Elementary School

Wednesday, February 5, 2003, 7PM-9PM at Church Hill Elementary School

Thursday, February 6, 2003, 7PM-9PM at the County Planning Office in Centreville

The Planning Commission will accept written comments up until 4:30 p.m. on Monday, February 10, 2003, mailed or delivered to: Queen Anne’s County Planning Commission, 160 Coursevall Drive, Centreville MD  21617. 

Within the 120-day deadline set by the County Commissioners, the Planning Commission must also hold a public hearing on any changes that will be proposed. In order to present the recommendations to the County Commissioners by the end of April, it is anticipated that the Planning Commission’s public hearing will be held in March 2003.

An important public hearing was held by our new Commissioners  Tuesday evening, December 10th at 6:30pm, on a bill introduced by Commissioner Cupani to repeal the new Zoning Ordinances (02-06 and 02-12) . 

KIDL supports this legislation, and encourages everyone to provide comment to the Commissioners.   Please contact each Commissioner, by phone, fax, or email and  express your opinion and remind them why you voted for them!

Commissioners - email: qacc@qac.org  phone: 410-758-4098  fax:410-758-1170   mail: 107N. Liberty Street, Centreville Md 21617

Go to Q. A. County page for updates:

  Click Link Below for PC Meetings, Agends, and Special Meetings.

Click for the Draft of the Comprehensive Plan

Important public meetings and hearings:

 As one supporter wrote us, all actions of the Commissioners, planners and zoning department must be watched carefully now to assure they don't do anything "WHICH AMOUNTS TO A POISON PILL FOR THE NEWLY ELECTED OFFICIALS." 

There is a lot of damage that can be done between now and December so we ALL must be vigilent.  If you've never attended a Commissioners' meeting, now is the time to start!
 Meetings are held every Tuesday evening at 6:30 in the Liberty Building in Centreville.

Click HERE for Rich Altman's Public Testimony

Click HERE for Richard Slacum's Letter

Click HERE for Concerned Citizen's Letter
Notice of Public Hearing
October 8, 2002

The Queen Anne’s County Commissioners give notice that they will hold a public hearing on the proposed comprehensive revisions to Title 18 of the Queen Anne’s Code (known as the Queen Anne’s County Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations and associated land use development regulations) and to Queen Anne’s County Sectional Zoning Maps adopted by the County Commissioners on September 20, 1994.  The comprehensive revised Sectional Zoning Maps were recommended for adoption by the Queen Anne’s County Planning Commission on August 20, 2002, and the comprehensively revised Queen Anne’s County Zoning Ordinance was recommended for adoption by the Queen Anne’s County Planning Commission on September 12, 2002.  The comprehensive revisions were undertaken by the Planning Commission pursuant to the requirements of Article 66B, Section 3.05, Annotated Code of Maryland.

The public hearing shall be held on:

October 8, 2002
at 7:00 p.m.
County Commissioners Hearing Room
107 N. Liberty St.
Centreville, Maryland  21617

The purpose of the public hearing before the County Commissioners is to provide an opportunity for all interested persons to be heard on the comprehensive revisions to Title 18 of the Queen Anne’s County Code and the Queen Anne’s County Zoning Maps before the County Commissioners take final legislative action on those comprehensive revisions.  To accommodate the number of citizens expected to testify at the hearing, the Commissioners will limit testimony to three (3) minutes per person.

A summary of the provisions of Title 18, Subpart 1 - proposed Queen Anne’s County Zoning Ordinance - is as follows:
    1.  Part I - Defines words and phrases used in the Zoning Ordinance.

    2.  Part II - Establishes the application and intent of the Zoning Ordinance, its effective date, the disposition of matters pending as of its effective date, guidelines for interpreting the Zoning Ordinance, and 
authorizes the establishment of growth area ordinances.

    3.  Part III - Establishes twenty-four (24) distinct zoning districts for all unincorporated areas of Queen Anne’s County, guidelines for interpreting district boundaries, the general characteristics of each zoning district, establishes the uses permitted by right or by conditional use approval in each district, and establishes the residential and nonresidential density, floor areas, landscaping, parking, and bulk standards for each use permitted by right or by way of conditional use approval.

    4.  Part IV - Establishes performance standards for resource protection, landscaping, bufferyards, parking areas, signage, and lighting.

    5.  Part V - Establishes floating zone procedures and establishes standards and procedures for the review and approval of proposed conditional 

    6.  Part VI - Establishes development alternatives and bonuses, establishes standards and procedures for noncontiguous development in the AG District and the Countryside (CS) District outside the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, establishes standards and procedures for the transfer of development rights (“TDR’”), defines Receiving and Transferor Parcels for TDR purposes, defines and establishes standards for the location of farm employee dwellings, and establishes standards and procedures for the inclusion of moderately priced dwelling units in certain residential developments.

    7.  Part VII - Establishes, defines, and provides standards for the administration and implementation of the Zoning Ordinance by the Planning Commission, the Department of Planning and Zoning, and the Board of Appeals in the review and approval of administrative appeals, variance applications, site plan and subdivision applications, nonconforming uses and structures, and changes thereto, building and zoning permit applications, and concept plan applications, establishes site plan and subdivision regulations and standards for the design of site plans, subdivisions and required improvements, establishes procedures for the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance and specified civil and criminal fines and remedies for violations of the Zoning Ordinance, and establishes procedures and standards for amendments to the Zoning Ordinance or Official Zoning Maps.

    8.  Part VIII - Establishes the “short title” for Title 18, Subpart 1.

A summary of Title 18, Subpart 2 - the Forest Conservation Act - is as follows:
    1.  Subtitle 2 - Establishes the Queen Anne’s County Forest Conservation Program as required under Section 5-1601, et., seq., Natural Resources Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, defines words and phrases relevant to the Forest Conservation Program, provides for certain exemptions from the 
Forest Conservation Program, and establishes standards for forest stand delineations, forest conservation plans, afforestation, reforestion, and means to assure the protection of forested or afforested lands.

A summary of Title 18, Subpart 3 - the Development Impact Fee Ordinance - is as follows:
    1.  Subpart 3 - Establishes the authority of the County Commissioners to impose development impact fees and sets forth fee amounts and procedures for the imposition, calculation, collection, expenditure and administration of development impact fees.

A summary of Title 18, Subpart 14 - the Development Rights and Responsibilities Agreement Act - is as follows:
    1.  Subpart 4 - Establishes the authority of the County Commissioners to negotiate and execute Development Rights and Responsibility Agreements, regulates the contents of such agreements, and provides for the modification, termination, suspension and recording of such agreements.

A summary of the proposed Official Zoning Maps is as follows:
All unincorporated areas of Queen Anne’s County are classified and designated as in one of twenty-four (24) zoning districts, namely the Agriculture (AG), Countryside (CS), Estate (E), Suburban Estate (SE), Suburban Residential (SR), Suburban Commercial (SC), Suburban Industrial (SI), Light Industrial Highway Service (LIHS), Neighborhood Conservation (NC-1, 2, 5, 8, 15, or 20), Urban Residential (UR), Urban Commercial (UC), Village Center (VC), or Waterfront Village Center (WVC), Chester Master Planned Development (CMPD), Town Center (TC), Grasonville Planned Residential Neighborhood (GPRN), Stevensville Master Planned Development (SMPD), Stevensville Historic Village Center (SHVC), Grasonville Neighborhood Commercial (GNC), Grasonville Village Center (GVC), Airport District (AD), Queenstown Resort Development (QRD), Queenstown Master Planned Development District (QMPD) and Suburban Industrial Business Employment (SIBE) Districts.

The public may inspect Title 18 as comprehensively revised and the revised Sectional Zoning Maps at the following locations during regular business hours:

    1.  Office of the Department of Planning and zoning, 160 Coursevail Drive, Centreville, Maryland 21617
    2.  Stevensville Public Library, Route 18, Stevenville
    3.  Centreville Public Library, S. Commerce Street, Centreville
    4.  Sudlersville Public Library, Sudlersville

All hearing sites are accessible to individuals with disabilities.  Sign Language interpreters and assistive listening systems will be available for individuals with hearing impairments.  Please contact Tina Miles at 410-758-4406 or TDD 410-758-2126 at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing date if any assistance is needed for this hearing.

Click HERE for Rich Altman's Public Testimony

Click HERE for Richard Slacum's Letter

Click HERE for Concerned Citizen's Letter


 You Can Help Get Out the Vote for Responsible Growth

Donate a few hours of your time and elect real leadership to tackle QAC’s biggest issue—GROWTH. We are supporting a slate of Democratic and Republican candidates who have pledged  no speed-up of the County’s growth rate.

For additional information contact soc@toad.net

By Authority of Save Our County Political Action Committee, Mary Campbell, Treasurer

KIDL's regular monthly meeting is the
2nd Thursday of Every Month
at 7:30 p.m. at the KI Library Meeting Room. 

The KIDL monthly meeting normally scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday (7/17/02) will not be held due to the County Public Meeting scheduled for the same time in Centreville. 

We encourage citizens to attend the County meetings from 6-9 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17th:  Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) 6-7:30 p.m. and Kent Island Transportation Plan 7:30-9, at the QA Co Planning Office, 160 Coursevail Dr. (near new Food Lion), Centreville.

The APFO will tie the issuance of development permits to a level of service (LSO) standard for designated public facilities and services, such as public sewer, public water, stormwater/drainage, roads, solid waste disposal, parks, fire/EMS, law enforcement and schools.

The County SHOULD post the agenda for the meeting on their website at http://www.qac.org/pubinfo/plandocs/infopage2.htm before the meeting.  If the DRRA is on the agenda and you are able to attend that meeting please do so.

KIDL urges residents to become familiar with the 2002 Comprehensive Plan, at the library or on-line, and send in their written comments to the Commissioners by March 11th (qacc@qac.org).  See newspaper article of 2/27/02.

Regarding the number of dwellings the new plan will allow to be built per year, there are NO limits contained in this plan.  A document from the Department of Planning & Zoning entitled "2002 Comprehensive Plan, Planning Commission - Issue Paper #9, Topic - Building Permit Cap" contains discussion by the Planning Commission on the subject of Building Permit Caps and their decision "not to include language in the Comprehensive Plan relating to a building permit cap". 

Issue Paper #9 also contains the following paragraph:  "While the County has historically grown by about 400 permits annually, it is more realistic to think that a significant percent of those 400 permits will be absorbed by the pending/anticipated development projects.  A reasonable estimate would be at least 150 of the existing 400, will be absorbed, thus reducing the amount of annual new growth to approximately 700 d.u.'s." 

The same document (Issue Paper #9) includes a table showing "development applications that are currently under review, or are anticipated in the future" (assuming build-out over a twenty-year time period).   For Kent Island alone, in addition to Four Seasons (1350), Gibson's Grant (750) and Ellendale (now 285), the table shows 650 units for H. Brown property, 800 for Kent Manor Inn, and another 1,577 labeled "SKI".  KIDL stands by our estimate of 3,682 dwelling units to be built on Kent Island over 10 years, a figure we obtained from the County's own Rt. 8 Corridor Traffic Study.

Here are some questions prepared by our colleagues at 1000 Friends of Maryland that we should be asking about the plan at the hearings (thanks Brad):

Please Consider Asking These Questions About the Comprehensive Plan!

1.    Our County population will grow by up to 1,624 people per year over the next 20 years. Does the Comp Plan encourage or discourage this population growth? 

2.  The Plan calls for expensive infrastructure to accommodate huge growth. Why doesn’t it just call for reasonable growth rates that would save us money?

3.  The Plan is not a zoning law, and cannot protect the countryside on its own. When and how will zoning changes be made to protect the countryside from development? 

4.  The Plan calls for an Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO), Design Standards, bigger Impact Fees, and requirements for Moderately Priced Housing. When and how will these things happen? 

5.  Kent Island is (1) isolated from the mainland, (2) fragmented by creeks, (3) full of traffic bottlenecks, (3) filled with sensitive habitat, and (4) has high water tables. So why is it a Growth Area?



If you don’t like the answer, 

then ask again!


The Queen Anne's County Board of County Commissioners meets regularly on Tuesday mornings at the Commissioners Meeting Room in the Liberty Building in Centreville. Opportunities for public comment are always given, usually at the end of the meeting. Call ahead to (410) 758-4098 for a schedule.

This Link Has MUCH Info, check it out!


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