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  Record-Observer Friday, June 8th 

What a welcome

In articles in local papers following a Bay Bridge accident, Commissioner  O’Donnell brought up the subject of the beautification project planned for the eastern end of the Bridge (a new $40,000 +/- “Welcome” sign was one of the proposals).  But will a sign be noticeable beneath the 2 to 3 proposed elevated water storage towers that go along with anticipated new developments?  This sign would pale in comparison to a 150,000 sq. ft. Wal-Mart and 4,000 more houses.

Why don’t we install the welcome signs on the water towers . . . we could put “QA Commissioners welcome YOU” on the first, then “To Kent Island, home of excessive development” on the second . . . like Pedro’s signs leading to “South of the Border”.   If the signs were lighted, more developers could find us, especially at night flying into the Bay Bridge airport.

Our Commissioners think they can build/develop QA County into a positive cash flow.  Government is probably not much different than your households, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, it’s what you do with it that counts.  For example, they could spend your tax dollars on another study, to study all the studies they have already done.

The County should have developers and the Chamber of Commerce Board bring their checkbooks to one of their many luncheons so they can pay cash for the $100’s of millions worth of schools, bridges, roads, sewers, water towers, emergency services, etc., that will have to be provided with tremendous new growth.

Things should be interesting until the next election.  The people will decide whether they want concrete and asphalt from the Bay Bridge to Easton and north to Millington.

This is not just a Wal-Mart or 1,350 units in Four Seasons, which by the way is NOT approved, it is probably 10 times that.  If you want to live in a county that looks like Montgomery County or Frederick County please move there.  We’ll arrange a bus trip for you.  If you don’t, please get involved before its too late!


Michael Koval, Chester
Vice President, Kent Island Defense League

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