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  65 mph limit foolish; help 50/301 corridor
Star Democrat June 08, 2001 
We have serious, dangerous traffic problems in the Stevensville-Chester corridor! 

State police are investigating raising the speed limit to 65 mph on Routes 50/301 from the Bay Bridge to the 50/301 split.
Cars travel 65 mph now. If the limit goes to 65 mph, they'll be going 75 mph!

The three to four-year redecking for the Bay Bridge west span is scheduled to begin this fall, after completion of phase one of the painting project on the old eastbound span. Barrier walls are being considered to control traffic. Cramming three lanes of westbound traffic into two lanes on the bridge, (which are narrower than normal highway lanes) will tie up back to the Narrows. This will continue to gridlock Route 18, our only east/west local road, through Chester and Stevensville past our two elementary schools and the middle school.

The State Highway Administration is adamant about constructing the much-needed Cox and Thompson Creek frontage road south side of 50/301.
The Four Seasons plan as now progressing voids the immediate planned road connection from Castle Marina Road to Love point Road, eliminating circulation for emergency vehicles and public transportation.

Traffic studies revealed the necessity of reconstructing the 50/301, Route 18 diamond interchange into a complete cloverleaf, eliminating the clogged left turn movements of the present diamond overpass. If this is a traffic problem now, think what it would be if Wal-Mart is allowed to be located at our Gateway!


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