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August 31, 2006

From Winn Krozack
President of the Kent Island Defense League
Member of the Stevensville / Chester Citizens Advisory Committee.

Dear Citizens of Queen Anne’s County,

This advertisement is not sponsored or paid for by KIDL or any group.

This advertisement is paid personally by me, Winn Krozack, because I love this beautiful place we call home on Kent Island.

I embrace economic development and job creation, but not at the destruction of the precious natural resources of beautiful Queen Anne’s County.  I assisted in bringing a 30 million dollar business to QAC and 200 jobs.  My family, for generations, has always loved Kent Island, and that love is instilled in me.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I cannot stand silent as several organizations and business are attempting to work the election to their favor, not in a mindset for the good of the whole and our wonderful environment, but in a manner of greed.

There are facts that the public must be made aware of as it relates to certain PACs and the election. 

The Friends of Queen Anne’s County PAC is Sponsored by Citizens for Moderate Growth, Inc. / aka Save our Jobs.  The Maryland State registration says the purpose of the PAC is construction / housing.

The chairman of the Friends of Queen Anne’s County PAC is Mareen Waterman, of Waterman Realty / Waterman Development, one of Queen Anne’s County’s largest developers.

Jeff Weese, of  Weese Realty / Weese Development, a development company in Queen Anne’s County, is the president of the Citizens for Moderate growth, Inc./ aka Save Our Jobs, which is the sponsor for Friends of Queen Anne’s County PAC. 

Camille O’Donnell, the executive director for Save Our Jobs, is the wife of the former QAC Commissioner George O’Donnell removed from office after the 2002 elections over the Four Seasons Development on Kent Island and related growth issues.  Commissioners George O’Donnell, John McQueeney, and Marleen Davis approved the Four Seasons project, even after they were removed from office by a landslide by QAC citizens over the Intense Development issue.
Camille O’Donnell is also a realtor for Weese Realty.  Rodger Weese was the Chairman for the QAC Planning Commission.

Ben Cassell, however, is my greatest disappointment.

Ben was our KIDL treasurer, before he was elected, and we thought was our friend.  We worked hard to put good people into the Commissioners seat and he betrayed the citizens who voted for him. He carried the KIDL Banner in the 2001 Bay Bridge Walk.   Many of the people he once criticized for Intense Development on Kent Island are now his biggest endorsers, and are from the development community.

Please make your own conclusion, but I hope that knowing this, you stand up on election day, take personal action, and exercise your right to vote.  I would ask you to inform yourself first, and then to vote against all of the candidates endorsed by The Friends of Queen Anne’s County PAC and its’ related organizations.

The very reason they are endorsing these candidates is the same reason not to vote for them.

May we all have a better county after election day. 

Thanks for listening,


Listed below are quotes from the Save Our Jobs website.
These are their views and what they support.

“Save Our Jobs” is committed to protecting the building industry in QAC.”

“Queen Anne’s County has been extraordinarily protective of agricultural land”

“This organization brings together the collective economic strengths of Queen Anne’s County’s thousands of citizens whose families are supported by the building, real estate, agricultural and development industries.”

“New home development attracts higher income households” 

What do you think?

Paid for by Winn Krozack, personally

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