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You should have received your “Citizens Ticket” mailing from Citizens Alliance for the County Commissioner election. If yours somehow got lost in the snail mail, email and ask for another one to be sent to you.

KIDL supports the Citizens Alliance Vision and their choice of the candidates who will protect your way of life and deserve your vote. They are:

He is a proven leader with a life-long commitment to the Eastern Shore we love. He is without a moments doubt the right one for the job. We could fill up a page about Jack – but for those who don’t know him as well as we do, please take a moment to view his website In fact, even if you know him – you will be amazed.

Carol has been an active proponent for controlled growth and environmental preservation. We know where her heart is. Mike Koval says “Growth is one issue that transcends party affiliations, so in order to continue my fight for responsible growth, I am backing Carol Fordonski in her race against Ben Cassell. I ask that you do the same.” Read more about Carol’s background at 

It’s unfortunate that we have Bob Foley and Gene Ransom running for the same seat. Bob Foley is our hero for his unwavering stance on Four Seasons, with the strength and grit to face K. Hovnanian in the courtroom. On the other hand, Gene Ransom has consistently VOTED the right way when it comes to Four Seasons issues (unfortunately in a minority with Mike Koval). Although it is often defeated in “3 to 2” votes, Gene has tirelessly introduced good legislation. As much as we admire Bob, we agree with Citizens Alliance endorsement of Gene. Bob has been so effective in his role and Gene has stuck to his campaign promises and is always open and available. The citizens will be the lucky ones if they both continue the course. Check out Gene’s “on-line office” at

When Margo French took on the task of organizing Kent Island residents on a taxpayer’s revolt, it was Kurt Babe (past President of the Taxpayers Association) who came to her town meeting and showed how it could be done. Some of you may have visited his historic home, Content Farm, just outside of Centreville during the house tour this past Spring. He personally gave the most interesting and gracious tour. It was obvious how much he cared about the history of the Eastern Shore. Read more about him at

Bud Roe lost to Cupani in a very close primary race (by 33 votes), less than 1% of the votes cast. After the primary, Bud came out in support of Courtney. Courtney is an attorney and small business adviser who also operates a tree nursery in Ingleside. You can read more at

BE SURE TO VOTE ON NOVEMBER 7. If you need an absentee ballot or have any questions about your polling location, contact the Board of Elections at 410-758-0832.

Just today we received an email from League of Women Voters about their new website It is a “one-stop shop” for election information – both general and state specific on all aspects of the election process.

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