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Commissioner Ransom Removed From Planning Board
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Following are items we copied from the new “KENT ISLAND NEWS” (Loren Baker, Editor).  More on this new site later –in the meantime check it out at

On a 3-1 vote Queen Annes County Commissioner Gene Ransom was removed from the QAC Planning Commission. The majority of the Commission stated it was part of a “regular rotation.” 

Commission Cupani expressed concern about “any Commissioner having to much influence over a Board, or gaining influence after a period of time.” Ransom expressed disappointment, and countered Cupani’s argument with the fact that the majority of the time he is the only Commissioner to vote no on projects at the Planning Commission level. (Ransom was the only Planning Commission member to vote no on Schaefer 213 project, Bryce Road project, Hunters Ridge, Ashliegh Manor North, Ashliegh Manor South to name a few)

The Planning Commission seat was turned over to new County Commissioner Richard Smith, a Real Estate broker who works for Tidewater Publishing. Smith was recently appointed to fill Commissioner Nemo’s seat.

It appears the pro-development faction of the Queen Annes County Commissioners; Richard Smith, Joe Cupani, and Ben Cassell has pulled a major coup d’etat in voting Commissioner Gene Ransom, a life long resident of Queen Annes County, off of the QAC Planning Commission. 

Given Mr. Ransom’s voting record and his upholding of his campaign promises to slow growth in Queen Annes County, Mr. Ransom’s seat on the Planning Commission may be a threat to Smith, Cupani & Cassell’s “party line” anti-environmental, pro-growth agenda which includes allowing Gibson’s Grant to develop more intensely on critical area and granting sewer allocations for 400 new homes in the Four Seasons plan, when K. Hovnanian only request sewers for 162 homes.

AND FINALLY (also copied from Kent Island News site

As a resident of Queen Anne’s County (and a Republican), I was appalled to learn of Gene Ransom’s removal from the planning commission. Having dealt with planning commissions throughout the US for many years, I understand the vested self-interest that exists in the make-up of these commissions and how narrow groups making up building interests, real estate barons, landowners, and unsavory politicians pack these commissions with sympathetic cronies.

Four years ago, when the residents of the county (in their infinite wisdom) voted to clean house in favor of a more balanced approach to growth, we all thought the entire commission would follow through with the policies of that mandate. Years later, we are back to the same ‘ol pro growth policies and the same ‘ol tired, irrresponsible political cronyism.

We look to our leaders to do the right thing for ALL of us, not just a few. Through moderation, toleration, and compromise policies are crafted in our political system that should reflect a balance among competing interests, culminating in a beneficial result for all concerned. Unfortunately, leaders of this county (and the Republican Central Committee most of all) has decided they are above working for the benefit of ALL residents and would rather cater to their base constituency. This is not surprising. We have this attitude at the national level now, and everyone knows where the local folks get their marching orders…from Washington and the national party apparatus. This flippent attitude was very much on display with the ANNOINTMENT of the latest commissioner. This guy was not elected, yet he carries himself like he has a mandate from the people!

Enough is enough! I urge my fellow citizens to become more engaged and pay close attention to what’s happening in our community. If things don’t change, and political coup d’ etats like the one involving Commissioner Ransom are allowed to continue, another political house cleaning is in order.

"Author Not Supplied"  (mail to this address goes to all 5 Commissioners)

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