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KIDL received the following note.  Response follows.

I've been a supporter of KIDL for several years and in the recent election voted for those endorsed by KIDL.  I readily admit my lack of knowledge, but don't understand why those we supported seem to be against what we support.  Was the endorsement a result of the lesser of two evils, or have those elected changed their focus?  Regardless, are there prospective (better) candidates at the ready for the next election?  Thank you for all you do.


Thanks for your continued support and your question.  I doubt anyone can totally explain what happened –  just “politics as usual”?   KIDL had several members running for commissioner so we did not officially support one of them over another.  As you identified, it is a combination of some candidates being the “lesser of 2 evils” – but also a definite change of focus. 

Some background, the two PACS (Save Our County and QAC Responsible Growth) interviewed candidates, gave official endorsements and circulated literature.  Starting with a group of 23 or so, the PACs narrowed it down to 4 or 5 from each party and officially endorsed candidates in the primary. The 3 incumbents were not endorsed and all 3 lost in the primary - but that didn’t stop them from signing the DRRA for the Four Seasons between the time they lost and the new commissioners came into office.

I put your question to several others and some comments are below.  But perhaps the best response is a Letter to the Editor that just appeared in the Star Democrat, also printed below.  You’re right, it’s critical to identify in advance good, strong candidates and get the word out to support them.  Other comments:

….It is safe to say that Cassell and Cupani have not honored some of their campaign promises.  For example, I have in front of me their responses to the Queen Anne County Responsible Growth PAC, in which both Cassell and Cupani, in writing, stated they "would work to maintain the 300" critical area buffers".  (They did not do this in their recent vote on Gibson’s Grant.)

…In the future, I will not believe what a candidate says but I will judge them based on what they have done in the past.  I will not vote for anyone without a track record of activism and will look for candidates that seem to have the strength to resist the bureaucracy and are willing to change the status quo.

…To be successful I think it's important to give extra consideration to candidates without ambition to rise in state politics. I believe one of the current commissioners is an exception to this rule (most of the time).  Being a Republican myself, my greatest regret from the last election is that the skunks turned out to be the Republicans. Very disappointing.

 QAC Voter's Guide Lists Campaign Promises

Letter to the Editor

Trick or Treat

News from our Commissioners in Centreville is so disappointing recently that it's more of a trick than a treat. It seems the housing developers can usually count on the same 3 votes, Cassell, Cupani and Smith. Whether the issue is waivers allowing more intense development on critical area, or derailing the ethics process to reduce planners & developers accountability to the citizens, these 3 Commissioners can surely be counted on. That's why it struck me as absurd that the Commissioners would advertise for citizens to volunteer to be on the Wye Mills Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC). As a member of the Kent Island CAC last year I can attest that it is a thankless job, especially to see the County bureaucracy and paid consultant do everything in their power to manipulate the citizen's viewpoints and then allow the Planning and Zoning cartel to stall implementation of the CAC's final product. Watching these same 3 Commissioners approve variances allowing Gibson's Grant to develop more intensely on critical area, directly against the recommendations of the CAC is very disappointing. They do as they please, regardless of citizen input. Why then do they continue to ask for more citizen input? Perhaps so they can tell us a good story come election time. Just as Ben Cassell said when trying to derail the Ethics Committee from establishing meaningful ethics reform in QA County, we should 'dismiss these people with gratitude.' I agree, let's dismiss these 3 and elect some new scoundrels.

Steve Kougoures, Chester  (mail to this address goes to all 5 Commissioners)

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