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By: Konrad Surowiec, Staff Writer  July 10, 2002 
CENTREVILLE - The Queen Anne's County Commissioners approved an ordinance on July 2 that revises the procedure the county uses to review growth allocation petitions.
Each county with a critical area program has a process called growth allocation which allows more intensive development in the critical area - the area located within 1,000 feet of the tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Under the state's Critical Area law, petitions for growth allocation are reviewed by the county and the state.
The commissioners adopted county ordinance #02-01 - a text amendment governing growth allocation petition procedures in the Queen Anne's County Code. The ordinance requires:
1. A public hearing by the planning commission.
2. A public hearing by the county commissioners to grant conceptual approval.
3. Approval by the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Commission (as a refinement or amendment to the county's critical area program).
4. Final legislative action by the county commissioners.

The county planning commission and state Critical Area Commission both recommended the county commissioners adopt the ordinance. 

County Commissioner George O'Donnell said the previous format used by the county had been accepted by the state Critical Area Commission when the county first adopted its critical area program.

But the state Critical Area Commission asked the county to change its format following its review of the growth allocation petition for the Four Seasons at Kent Island development. Members of the state Critical Area Commission were concerned the process used by the county required the state panel to take action on a large development project before the county commissioners decided to approve it.


Firefighters welcome new impact fees          July 08, 2002

The Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department is pleased that the Queen Anne's County Commission has adopted the new impact fee ordinance. The money generated from the impact fees will be essential for our department to continue to provide quality Fire and EMS service to the citizens we serve and protect.

We realize adoption of these new fees was not an easy task and that a lot of time and effort went into this process. The commissioners' decision to increase the fire department impact fees was the right one. We were not asking for an increase in salary, we are volunteers and do not get paid.

We were not asking for better incentives and insurance, we receive none.

We were not asking for a better retirement package after our years of volunteer service, there is nothing there for us.

What we were asking for was a means for us to be able to keep up with the demands that new growth places on our department. Thank you! 



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