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KIDL received this email full of additional information.  Be sure to read the REBUTTAL after JC's letter. 


I will point you in the direction of as much information as is available at this time.  I certainly understand community concerns and realize there are answers needed from the government but there are a vocal few who pass off speculation as fact and I just don’t think that’s conducive to rational discussion.  And that Dec 3rd RFP has thrown too much misinformation out to the public and our officials. 

The RFP for the property search:

DSS Director Jeffrey W. Culver's Remarks on Planned Training Center In Queen Anne's County, MD (He briefly addresses the RFP posted on your site)

A project fact sheet provided by GSA:

Initial TEST Fit of the site:

Video 12/22/09 Commissioners Meeting – Federal Training Center Update.  During this meeting the commissioners were given information that the training mentioned in the Dec 3rd RFP will not take place at FASTC and there was a phone conference help during the public portion of the meeting.  The phone conversation is pretty telling.

I have provided links to the videos of the GSA/community meetings if you care to spend a few hours reviewing.  These were not meetings to answer the concerns.  It was clear to me the that the purpose of the meetings was to get community input on all concerns about the project so that the Fed could look into each issue and address them in a required Environmental Assessment.  Until they perform the studies, there is no way to answer a lot of the questions that the citizens raised.

Video January 5th Meeting with GSA/State Dept which included a public forum:

Video January 12th Meeting with GSA/State Dept and link a rough draft transcript. 



Please note that GSA began the meeting stating that it was not to be an open forum discussion, just an overview of the NEPA/NHA process where subject matter experts were available to discuss various segments of the project one on one or in small groups.

Finally, until the ‘mysterious’ RFP was presented to the county commissioners, they were all for the project.  As soon as that second RFP was presented to them, they immediately withdrew support.  To me, that was a little hasty since it is clear to me that the second RFP was NOT slated for the QAC facility.

Also a point to keep in mind, the federal government works very slowly.  They have procedures they must follow and I think that setting up public discussions in approximately a month after selecting Ruthsburg as a ‘preferred’ site is pretty quick in my book.

Please let me know if you need any other information. 


In response to "JC" email of information:
1)  the original RFP is still the same hard skills except they have now taken out 50 caliber machine guns and helicopter training.  They will still have IED's , up to 45 caliber machine guns, high speed drive and shoot tracks, urban tactical warfare, surveillance detection, bomb detonations,and grenade launchers.  In short, the only difference is the change out of 50 for 45 caliber machine guns, no grenade launchers, and no helicopter training.....everything else is the same.
2)  I personally, went to Gina Gilliam of the GSA on January 5th after the public form and explained that since this was the first time we were able to ask questions about our concerns people were emotional.  She told me that we would be able give them more of our comments but more on a specific issue at the meeting on the 7th.  At no time did she tell me (and right to my face) that we would not be allowed to speak - only fill out cards.
3)  There was no January 12th meeting.  I don't know what she is talking about.
4)  As far as the phone call on the 22nd of Dec with the commissioners, JC is right it is pretty telling.  The commissioners were not getting any answers or the answers they wanted which is why they withdrew their support.  They were told it was to be a campus-like setting.  What many do not realize and I can prove is that the feds lied when they said that no one else was on that call besides the commissioners, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Mergens....who was that other person on the line that they did not want us to know about?

Sherry Adam

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