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April 10, 2001Q. A. County Commissioners adopt a Resolution proposing to approve
Four Seasons petition for Growth Allocation. 

The Resolution lists conditions which must be met, and refers the petition back to the
Planning Commission and the Critical Area Commission for review and approval.

Resolution 01-13QAC Official Press Release



Commission mulls more members  The Capital  December 19, 2001

QA's sets deadline for suggestions of alternatives to impact fees The Star Democrat  December 12, 2001

Commissioners to withdraw ordinance raising impact fees The Star Democrat  November 30, 2001

County's new online newsletter denounced   The Capital  November 28, 2001

QA's chamber opposes impact fees  The Star Democrat  November 26, 2001

Foor to resign post on Queen Anne's planning Commission  The Star Democrat  November 26, 2001

Text amendment to appeals process offered by developer Mareen  Waterman  The Star Democrat  November 16, 2001

Planning position debated Foor now lives in Del.     The Bay Times November 7, 2001

Kent Island Defense League seeks review of decision on referendum The Star Democrat  November 7, 2001

League will not give up anti-Four Seasons battle   The Capital  November 7, 2001

Petition for Four Seasons vote rejected  The Star Democrat  October 29, 2001

Four Seasons battle still on  The Capital  October 24,  2001

More homes nixed  The Capital  October 24,  2001

Our say: Editor's notebook  The Capital  October 23,  2001

Kent Island Defense League wins extension of time  The Capital  October 3,  2001

KIDL petition update  The Capital  September 26,  2001

Talk of the island: Kent Island Defense League  The Capital  September 12,  2001

KI project to referendum?  The Capital  September 12,  2001

Gov. vows to close Critical Areas loopholes  The Star Democrat  September 06,  2001

2001 draft water and sewer plan rejected  The Star Democrat  September 05,  2001

Our say: Rising water levels: At the least, they merit a watchful eye The Capital  August 30,  2001

Commissioners ponder new home limits The Capital  August 29,  2001

Group seeks reversal of growth allocation * K.I. Defense League files petition for reviews The Star Democrat  August 29,  2001

Our say: Kent Island needs more representation The Capital  August 27,  2001

State enters fight against urban sprawl The Sun  August 24,  2001

QA's County Commissioners aim to lower proposed impact fees The Star Democrat  August 24,  2001

Q.A.'s officials grant growth allocation for Four Season's project on Kent IslandThe Star Democrat  August 23,  2001 

Cross Island Trail: 1st leg ready for opening   The Capital, August 22, 2001

Kent Island Madness   The Capital, August 21, 2001

Activists take Four Seasons battle to Queen Anne's Circuit Court  The Capital, August 15, 2001

Water, sewer service sought   The Capital, July 25, 2001

Court upholds barring of store Wal-Mart loses bid for 2nd supercenter in HagerstownThe Baltimore Sun,  July 26,  2001

Better water for Bridgepointe  The Capital, July 25, 2001

Alleged Storm Water Violations 'Roll Back' on Wal-Mart  But Consent Decree Stops Short of Companywide EMS
International Environmental Systems Update, (Volume 8, Number 7, July 2001  newsletter’s publisher, CEEM, Inc.) 

Concern builds over fee impact  The Star Democrat  July 16,  2001 

As development increases, so does demand for 911 service  The Star Democrat  July 13,  2001 

Kudzu-like expansion of Wal-Mart transforms rural life, landscape  The Sun  July 8,  2001 

Bridgepointe's whooshing water  The Capital  June 27,  2001 

Project clears hurdle * Planners OK Four Seasons revised concept plan Star Democrat,  June 21,  2001 

Draft report sets impact fees for public facilities in QA's  Star Democrat,  June 21,  2001 

Planning panel OKs 4 Seasons  The Capital, June 20, 2001

No access to utilities for new developments  The Capital, June 13, 2001

What a Welcome  Queen Anne's Record-Observer June 8,  2001 

65 mph limit foolish; help 50/ 301 corridor  Star Democrat,  June 8,  2001 

New Kent Island plan would target 2nd homes   The Capital, June 6, 2001

Rural growing pains The Baltimore Sun,  June 5,  2001

Rate of growth, density concern QA's residentsStar Democrat,  June 4, 2001

Smart growth is a win-win opportunity   The Capital, June 3, 2001

Citizens' group collects 4,200 names on petition  Star Democrat,  June 1, 2001

Queen Anne's Commission appeals court's ruling  Star Democrat,  May 30, 2001

Reader disappointed by judge's ruling  Queen Anne's Record-Observer May 18, 2001

Educators urge voters to attend hearings  Star Democrat,  May 20, 2001

Where We Sail - Captain Pike's Point  SpinSheet Magazine  May  2001

QA's to appeal judge's decision on KI Commons  Star Democrat,  May 17, 2001

School board ponders program cuts The Capital,   May 16, 2001

Commissioners OK utility access for new Wal-Mart  The Capital,   May 16, 2001

Commission eyes emergency services costs  Star Democrat,  May 14, 2001

Town 'neutral' on county's purchase of land  Star Democrat,  May 13, 2001

Queen Anne's County planners recommend approval of Grasonville StationStar Democrat,  May 4, 2001

County planning officials release updated county Comprehensive PlanThe Capital, May 2, 2001

Officials, Builders said to be too close THIS IS A MUST READ   The Boston Globe, May 2, 2001

Judge says Commissioners can't pick & choose (Wal-mart decision)   The Star Democrat, May 2, 2001

Bay City signal on 'fast track'    The Star Democrat, April 26, 2001

NAACP suggests Wal-Mart select new site   The Star Democrat,   April 23, 2001 

Our say: As Kent Island project gets first OK, questions remain The Capital, April 20, 2001

Letters pour in on Four Seasons project   The Capital, April 11, 2001

Four Seasons gets first OK   The Capital, April 11, 2001

Bay Condominium's election more of same   The Capital, April 11, 2001

Safeway plans bigger KI store  The Capital, March 28, 2001

Rt. 8 to be expanded to four lanes  The Capital, March 28, 2001

GOP Claims Davis Conflict  The Capital, March 28, 2001

Critical Bay law slipping  The Capital, March 26, 2001

Ancient cemetery in path of project   The Capital,  March 21, 2001

Four Seasons letter sparks Bayside furor    The Capital,  March 21, 2001

Growth ordinance   The Capital, March 21, 2001

Queen Anne's land saved from developers (or is it?)  The Capital, March 14, 2001

Builders, home buyers look to Eastern Shore   Star Democrat,   March 4, 2001

House Bills 1178 & 661    KIDL release,  March 25, 2001

Deadline Approaches   KIDL release,  March 14, 2001 

Queen Anne's area near Wye Mills cited as area of future growth     Business Ledger  February 13, 2001

More than 100 builders learn about Four Seasons project    Star Democrat  February 9, 2001

Board asks Wal-Mart to correct flier  The Capital  January 24, 2001

Wal-Mart solicits support for project    Star Democrat January 17,  2001


December 3,  2000, The Capital   Developer accused of misleading public to justify new homes

November 22, 2000, The Capital   Kent Island Digest, Four Seasons Petition

November 15, 2000, The Capital   Four Seasons project opponents unite

October 31, 2000 - Our say (The Capital - Editorial):   Fire department should be wary of developer's offer

October 25, 2000, The Capital   Wal-Mart pays $5M for parcel 

September 19,2000 - Our say (Editorial - The Capital):  Kent Island soon will need paid fire department

September 18, 2000 - The Sun   Anger rises over boom in building

September 5, 2000 - The Capital   Development stretches services 

August 28, 2000 - Our say (Editorial in The Capital):   Kent Island residents must mobilize against overdevelopment 

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