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As reported in the Record Observer:

The County Commissioners held workshops last week to revise the county’s Interim Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (IAPFO) and write a new growth management ordinance.  All 5 commissioners voted to seek proposals from consultants to work on both projects.

Commissioner Ransom would like the revised APFO to include additional provisions to address public safety and to tighten the threshold for school improvements to 100% capacity (instead of the current 120%). 

The current IAPFO does not apply to the incorporated towns and does not apply to developments of less than 20 homes.  For example, the land currently proposed to be annexed into the incorporated town of Queenstown would not fall under the County’s APFO – yet the County would be responsible for providing for services such as school construction and school payroll.  Commissioner Cassell is pushing for a bill to be passed by the State that would allow for construction in municipalities and incorporated towns to fall under County APFO provisions. 

We are pleased that both of these items are finally getting some attention.  These are important tools in planning for our future.  As concerned citizens, we need to stay informed and involved as these projects move forward.

In addition, Commissioner Ransom has drafted a proposal to establish a county growth allocation policy.  Growth Allocation is when a property is allowed additional growth potential within a Critical Area.  As you can imagine, this allows an enormous potential for profit for the development.  Each County has a limited amount of acreage that can be awarded for Growth Allocation.  Commissioner Ransom commented that “we have a very valuable commodity and we should be very careful before we give it out”. .  (mail to this address goes to all 5 Commissioners)

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