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Northwest Creek, on Southern Kent Island, has been in the news lately after it dried up during the summer's drought.  There has been an alliance formed to restore the creek and they are holding a fundraiser on December 9th at the American Legion.  Below is an article from the Star Dem and a flyer from the Alliance to Restore Northwest Creek.

QA hears plans for North West Creek
By KONRAD SUROWIEC, Staff Writer, The Star Democrat, November 14, 2007 

CENTREVILLLE - The Queen Anne's County Commissioners were briefed on a project to restore the Chesapeake Bay's tidal flow to North West Creek.

Kevin Smith, of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, gave a PowerPoint presentation to the commissioners Nov. 6 that included old maps, a review of recent problems, and future plans. He said the 100-acre creek on southwest Kent Island is "a tidal embayment," but the creek's connection to the Bay has silted in over time. The drought this past summer compounded the problem, drying out the creek and killing fish.

The restoration effort is a three-way partnership by DNR, the Alliance for the Restoration of North West Creek, and the Terrapin Institute. Also at the meeting were Kent Island resident Margo French, of the alliance, and Marguerite Whilden, of the institute. Smith said community residents formed the alliance, the institute stepped in to keep the project going, then DNR got involved.

The Terrapin Institute is a non-profit corporation whose goal is to preserve abundant populations of diamondback terrapins and protect the terrapin's essential habitat.

The drought caused North West Creek to look like a cracked, dried out lake bed, said Smith. The cracks in the dry bed became breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

The slide show included an 1877 map of Kent Island and a U.S Geological Survey map of 1892 which showed a clear connection between the Bay and North West Creek. But a map based on a 1965 aerial photo showed no connection.

The connection between the creek and the Bay "seems to be diminishing over time," said Smith. He said the last time the creek was connected to the Bay was during Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

Smith said the project goals are to improve North West Creek's water quality and enhance the fish and wildlife habitat. The project will involve collecting information on soils, topography and history; getting a consensus from the community on how to proceed; developing a concept plan; applying for funds for the project design; then reviewing the design plan with regulatory agencies. 

Project partners hope the concept plan can be done by January 2008. 
Richard Altman, executive director of Queen Anne's Conservation Association, said if the restoration project is successful, North West Creek would become part of the state's Chesapeake Bay Critical Area.


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