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March 15, 2004

Queen Anne’s County Planning Commission
160 Coursevall Drive
Centreville, Maryland, 21617

To:  The Queen Anne’s County Planning Comissioners

Subject:  Site plans for the proposed Cracker Barrel Restaurant

We welcome this successful business to Queen Anne’s County, but we strongly oppose the use of the Kmart parking lot site for the Cracker Barrel restaurant.  This business is located at two of the worst and most controversial intersections in Queen Anne’s County.

We believe this proposed site is in violation of Title 18 Land Use and Development regulations.

Queen Anne’s County, Title 18, Land Use and Development Code, Subpart 4. Site Plans, 18-1-153 (b) reads as follows:  “The Planning Commission shall not approve any site plan unless it determines that the plan meets all requirements of this Title......that it will not substantially increase traffic hazards or congestion due to traffic generated by the proposed use....will not adversely affect the public welfare....”

The current site plan proposed for Cracker Barrel  “...substantially increases traffic, therefore increasing traffic hazards...and affects public welfare...” as can be noted by the following:

1.  Traveling East on Route 50, after exiting on to Route 8, cars must
     immediately cut across  two lanes of traffic to get into the shopping center
     turn lane.

2.  The next intersection off of Route 50, at Thompson Creek Road,  is even
     more dangerous and has been previously described by your Commission
     as “poorly designed”.

3.  The presence of this restaurant will have great appeal to the “Reach the
     Beach” traffic, thus greatly increasing the problems outlined in 1 and 2

4.  The required number of parking spaces is being calculated based solely on
     shopping center needs, not on the needs of a high volume restaurant.

5.  Rt. 8 is already backed up for miles during peak hours.  Future Four
     Seasons’ and Ellendale residents need to be considered in the traffic
     counts as they will certainly frequent this establishment.

Please consider other locations such as the old Narrows Outlets.  This would benefit the entire Kent Island community and help business on the other side of the island.


Winn Krozack
President - KIDL

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