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Testimony/Comments to Commissioners by Richard Moser December 17:
re : Title 18

I believe your action to rescind Title 18 is in the long-term best interest of 
the County. Your actions will help restore the confidence of the average 
citizen in his/her County government. I hope this action does not cause an 
insurmountable hardship for any County resident or property owner.

This will provide you a brief opportunity to review the underlying principles 
of the 2002 Comprehensive Plan and the resulting changes to the zoning 
ordinance. The 2002 Comprehensive Plan does not appear to be a simple 
"update" of the 1993 Comprehensive Plan, but embodies many principles
that are completely opposed to the 1993 Comprehensive Plan :

Please pay specific attention to provisions for running sewer lines from Kent 
Island to Centreville and for "contiguous development" that is completely 
contrary to the 1993 Comprehensive Plan. 

Please review provisions that allow for spray irrigation of septic effluent.

Please revise upward any provision that allows traffic service levels to drop 
to "D" status. 

Please review policies that place or expand "growth areas" in Chesapeake Bay 
Critical Areas, again completely contrary to the 1993 Comprehensive Plan. 

Please review the Resource Protection standards on page 51 of the 1993 
Comprehensive Plan and insure these standards are not compromised
by the 2002 Comprehensive Plan and revised zoning ordinances. 
These standards should be improved, not weakened.

Please insure that all standards related to Environmental Protection are 
maintained or improved, not undermined.

Please review the legality of placing "Master Planned District" zoning on 
Chesapeake Bay Critical Area RCA in violation of County Code 14-139(b)(3)(ii).

Please review the legality of the rezoning of large areas for "master planned 
development" that was done during periods of time outside of the normal 
"comprehensive rezoning" time frame.

Please insure that design and landscaping standards will result in projects 
that we will still appreciate in 20 or 30 years.

Please consider establishing some type of Environmental Review Board or 
Commission that could review Comprehensive and Community Plans, zoning 
ordinances and development plans that are proposed or submitted.

I, and many other citizens, would like future generations to be able to enjoy a 
clean, healthy environment.

Please advise the Planning Commission and staff of these requests.
re : Building Permit Cap Resolution

Information provided by County staff indicates an average of 400 building 
permits per year have been issued over the last 10 years. The proposed 
resolution allows 450 units per year and does not include incorporated towns. 
Census information reprinted in the 2002 Comprehensive Plan indicates the 
number of households in Queen Anne's County has increased by 2,826 in the last 
10 years. That is an historical average of 283 new households per year. If we 
allow the creation of 450 new households per year at 2.65 people per household 
(the current average per the Census information), the population could increase 
by 11,925 people over the next 10 years, excluding any increases in 
incorporated towns. 

Census information reprinted in the 2002 Comprehensive Plan indicates a 
population increase of 6,610 between 1990 and 2000. A potential population 
increase of 11,925 would be an 80% increase over the 1990-2000 period 
population increase of 6,610. 

To maintain a growth level that is acceptable to most people, we must first 
determine what our actual experience has been, and work from that baseline.

Please verify all the information that has been provided to you and determine 
the real historical growth rate, allow for growth in incorporated towns, and 
establish a level we will all find acceptable.

I submitted the sources of my information for your review on Tuesday December 

Please advise the Planning Commission and staff of this information.

re : Proposed Sewer Allocation Policy

I suggest you remove the 2004 expiration date from the proposed policy, and 
require public notice and public hearings before this policy would be removed. 
This might avoid the situation that occurred in November 1999 when the former 
Commissioners removed the prior sewer cap unnoticed by the public, and allowed 
the Wal-mart project to become feasible. The project site was amended into the 
Master Water & Sewer Plan immediately after the cap was removed, and ended in 
costly litigation.

At 30,000 gallons per year, the 200,000 gallons the document states is 
available would last for more than 6 years. 

You are contemplating a 1,000,000 gallon sewer plant expansion. If you 
accomplish this expansion, please insure it is used to correct failing septic 
systems first, and not to fuel rampant growth. Also, please insure that the 
effluent released into the Chesapeake Bay will be substantially less harmful to 
the Chesapeake Bay than the effluent that is currently released.

Please advise the Planning Commission and staff of this information.

Thank you.

Richard Moser
Chester, MD 21619

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