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My name is Richard Slacum and I am a member of Friends of Church Hill. I have read with interest Mr. Altman's comments concerning Title 18, and thank him for throwing some light on what, exactly, is currently being debated.

I am disappointed that the general public is left uninformed until a small number of committed individuals provide information concerning important measures that are being decided on in our County. 

Either the public is supposed to participate in the review of new zoning ordinances or it isn't. It is not reasonable (in either legal or simple common-sense terms) to limit knowledge of the content of these ordinances to the designers of the ordinances or a very small number of dedicated and concerned citizens.

Suggesting to working families that they should "drop by" one of a few designated libraries in the county to read 400 pages of administrative text is the same as excluding the public by publishing the text in Latin.

If the public is not authorized to review the document, the Commissioners should say so. If the public is authorized to do so, there should be a non-partisan summary of the important points with a comparison with current statutes distributed through our local newspapers or Internet information networks to the Public.

America is justifiably proud of its democratic system that represents ALL people. What has gone wrong in Queen Anne's County? Can fundamental changes to how people live in the County be decided without reasonable and prudent dissemination of information?

The citizens are not stupid and are clearly getting tired of being treated as such. They may however, in this case in particular, be uninformed. Let's get back on track.

Richard E. Slacum

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