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(Sent to KIDL by a concerned citizen:)
Here are my main concerns which I would voice at the hearing if I could be there. I will send them in as written comment next week. 

The public has been given a little over two weeks to review a 400 page technical document that the County has been working on for months. This draft is a complete rewrite of the previous ordinances. There has been no attempt by the County to hold public information meetings to explain how the proposed draft differ from existing ordinances. The new text gives no indication of what changes have been made. It is impossible for the public to form any informed opinion on a document this complex in such a short period of time. The Commissioners should hold a second hearing to allow the public sufficient time to review this proposed draft. To do less would graphically demonstrate that our current officeholders have no regard whatsoever for the public comment process and are simply holding this hearing as a formality. 

It would appear, in what little time there has been to review the draft ordinances, that several sections work against one of the central principles of our recently adopted comprehensive plan. The plan calls for directing future residential growth into our designated growth areas and away from our agricultural areas. Part IV "Development Alternatives and Bonuses" of the draft ordinance includes a Noncontiguous Development program which is obviously directed at facilitating sprawl development in our agricultural areas. This part also outlines a Transferable Development Rights program which does not require development to be transferred to the growth areas. To conform to our comprehensive plan the Noncontiguous development rights should be dropped because they are just a form of TDR and the TDR program should be redesigned to direct growth areas. 

I also believe that there are some major problems with the Forest Conservation section but I need to check into it. Just not enough time right now. 

Note from KIDL President:
There were other items that caught my attention, in addition to the remarks above:  There are shore buffer reductions from 300' to 100', piers allowed in new developments at 300' instead of 150', and several new zoning classes (QMPD, Resort District, and Some type of Waterfront Zoning. Those were items mentioned by P&Z people during a presentation several of us attended on Monday. I imagine there are many other items we haven't discovered yet, we need more time & more explanation!!!!
KIDL urges citizens to learn about this new plan.  Copies are available at the Library.  We are hoping the Commissioners hold off voting on it and let the new Board make the final decision on the plan's approval.
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