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The following was sent to KIDL for distribution:
Public comments to the Queen Annes County commissioners on September 24, 2002 from Roger M. Weller, Colonel, USAF (Ret.), of Chester, Maryland, rweller@friend.ly.net : 

"When I last appeared before you in May 2002, I did so as a new Queen Annes County resident and constituent of three months.  At that time, even I had ascertained the feelings of the people of the county and had sensed their, and my, dissatisfaction with the decisions of the commissioners and their "out of touch with their constituency" demeanor.  I came to you with a quote from the great Irish patriot and statesman, Edmund Burke, who some two hundred years ago said "Governments that ignore the will of the people do so at their own peril".  In my opinion, my appeal then was somewhat summarily dismissed with commissioners comments, like I was a pesky "Johnny Come Lately" gnat.

Everyone now knows the results of the peril of which I quoted.  The voters of Queen Annes County have spoken, but the word is again apparently not being heard, either from ignorance, not listening, vindictiveness, or other reasons unknown.   In light of recent decisions that have been made, such as the blatant approval of the DRRA for the Four Seasons project, I again call upon the current commissioners to fully consider the opinions and will of the residents of this county in all your future decisions.  Would you rather leave a legacy of vindictive actions against the people and "poisoners of the well" of Queen Annes County political and community actions?   I believe that as intelligent and responsive stewards of this county, you would rather not choose to do so in leaving your offices.  I believe that you will, and must, take the high road in all your future actions and decisions and accommodate an easy transition that will show a sense of what the people of Queen Annes County want.   I appeal to you today, again with a more contemporary quote from both Pastor Ward, perhaps not coincidentally, from his prayer here this morning and from filmmaker Spike Lee:  "Do the right thing!"

Please leave this county a positive legacy of accommodation and "doing what is right" in the minds of the majority of the constituents you swore to uphold.  Thank you."

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