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The following letter was submitted to the County Commissioners with a copy to KIDL on 9/18/02:

There has been an election and the people have spoken.  Even though it was a primary election, there should be no doubt that the majority of the electorate wants a county government agenda different from the one pursued by the current Commissioners.  It is clear that regardless of who wins the election in November, they will be following a very different mandate.  

So thanks for your time and efforts, but I ask that you carryout the rest of your term in strict "caretaker" mode.  That means refraining from commiting the County to any agreements that it is not legally obligated to make and to only take actions necessary to preserve the health, welfare and security of citizens and the fiscal integrity of County operations.

This would seem to be the only responsible path to follow.  In particular, using the next few months to gain closure on development initiatives that were begun under the current administration would be tantamount to direct defiance of public opinion, desire and expectation.  Please take the responsible path of public service rather than opportunism.

Frank DiGialleonardo

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