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Letter to QAC Commissioners 

August 18, 2002

Commissioners of QAC
107 No. Liberty St.
Centreville, MD  21617

Dear Mrs. Davis, Mr. O'Donnell and Mr. McQueeney:

Just a quick comment for the record before you make your decision on the Four Seasons DRRA.

If you sign this agreement you are committing Queen Anne's County and its citizens to guarantees they may not be able to keep. 

Also, you have been making noises lately about enacting residential building permit caps.  This sounds great, but if you approve the DRRA with its guarantees of specific numbers of permits to K. Hovnanian each year what will be left for everyone else? 

The number of houses allowed to be built each year in the Four Seasons DRRA is too high if any fair and reasonable limits are to be enacted for construction county-wide.


Nancy Koval
Chester, MD  21619

Bay Times 8/38/02, Letter to Editor:

Friends of Four Seasons, a group of about six couples, each write separately of their yearning for the development.

Their President says his group "represents the silent majority".  Well, we'll never know if thatís true since we've been denied the opportunity to vote on it!  He also commends the developer for "developing 41 percent of the available property, which amounts to 950 homes", and goes on to say another developer would not "follow Four Seasons' self-imposed limitations." 

Perhaps he hasn't studied the development plans; 950 is only the number of single family units on postage-stamp lots.  He doesn't mention the other 420 units: 30 separate FOUR-STORY, 14-unit condo buildings, lined along Macum Creek and the Chester River!  The "self-imposed limitations" were not enough, this is still a horrendous project which will degrade our quality of life and the environment forever.

The "$40 million in improvements and contributions" are necessary for and will benefit Four Seasons, not the average citizen.  The average citizen WILL however enjoy picnics in the dedicated 5 acre park under the shade of the monstrous 500,000 gallon elevated water tank, enjoying the facilities paid for by taxpayers, per the DRRA.

Other "Friends" have written that this farmland would be put to better use as housing for active seniors, that they love the Eastern Shore and don't want to leave this beautiful and unique place.  I also don't want to leave this beautiful and unique place, nor do I want Four Seasons to obliterate that beauty and uniqueness!

Nancy Koval
Chester, MD

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