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Letter to Editor Star Dem 8/30/2002:

John McQueeney- Controlled Development or Developer Controlled?

From reading his many campaign ads, the cornerstone of Commissioner McQueeney’s re-election campaign is Character Counts and Controlled Development

Now, I’ve read the article in the Star Democrat (August 23) and the Bay Times (August 28) that lists the many campaign donations received by McQueeney from developers of controversial sized projects in QA’s County. 

That’s not enough to raise eyebrows until you read that the donations were accepted right before voting on their developments, which were approved.

It’s good for the reporters to list the contributors for the candidates, and if someone were to donate $1000 to my campaign (i.e. George O’Donnell re: DeStefano) I would certainly make sure I knew who he was. There should be a listing of contributors for all candidates now and in future elections.  The message should be loud and clear- we’re not interested in words and moratoriums, it’s actions, cause and effect that make a difference in our community.  The effects are resounding.

Perhaps what McQueeney is trying to say about Controlled Development is that he personally intends to control it.  So, let’s count characters:  it would take 3 of the 5 commissioners to have a controlling voice, notice his campaign is a block aligning himself with Lee and Smith.   He is also proposing a slate of 4 candidates for the Republican Central Committee, himself, his son, Lee and Jacobs.  He holds the Commissioner’s seat on both the Planning Commission and the Parks Department. 

Let’s get out on September 10th and Vote for Candidates who care about our community and preservation of our quality of life and not the best way to pave over it.

Jennifer Fitzmaurice

KIDL Web Guy Says: Here is the link to the news story mentioned above (Star Democrat  August 25, 2002) if you would like to read it for yourself

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Letter to Editor Star Dem 8/30:

Response to Pat Knepper's "Look at Four Seasons"

As mentioned, Four Seasons is unprecedented, but in terms of the size of the development and the 373 acres of Critical Area Growth Allocation needed. It might be nice for the "empty nesters" to have their own gated community, but do we need 1,350 units? When they leave their empty nests, will they be filled by families with school age children? When  construction workers flock here, will they bring children that will need to be educated? Will thousands of retired people vote to prioritize school spending? How good will our school system be in 5 or 10 years?

As far as money for the fire department, the way the DRRA is written, those payments could likely be terminated. Four Seasons alone is larger than Centreville - why not require them to supply and pay their own fire department, rather than have KIVFD go paid, which could likely cost all taxpayers $4 million to $5 million per year.

KIDL members have attended many hearings, and submitted comments on other development issues across the County. They know about the APFO, Impact Fee Ordinance, Critical Area Program, various Community Plans, Comprehensive Plans, 
Emergency Services Study, Route 8 Traffic Study, etc. They attended Comprehensive Plan workshops, Budget Hearings, etc. The members understand what is going on.

And yes, I would run for office even if I wasn't opposed to Four Seasons. I see where Queen Anne's County is headed, I don't like it, and I am trying to change that.

Richard Moser
President of the Kent Island Defense League
Democratic Candidate for Commissioner at Large
Chester MD 

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Letter to the Editor submitted to The Bay Times 8/29:

 QAC Commissioners Asleep at the Switch?

Have Commissioners O’Donnell, Davis and McQueeney been asleep at the switch for 3-1/2 years?  Other than “political maneuvering” I can’t think of any other explanation for their recent actions. 

Right before the election - “waking up” to the fact that 5,700 residential building permits are in the pipeline for approval (compared to 3,922 during the last 10 years)?  Right before the election - enacting a moratorium to coincidentally end right after the election?  Right before the election - expressing concern about the possibility of growth exceeding the capacity of public services?  It isn’t until May that Mr. O’Donnell is quoted, “Our focus will be to ensure the county cannot be overwhelmed with numbers of residential permits that far exceed our ability to accommodate them from both a social and infrastructure standpoint.”  Gee – where was your focus for the first 3-1/2 years of your term?

For more than 2 years, large numbers of citizens have been shouting loudly:  Please Wake Up To What’s Happening.  For 2 years the county insisted we were “making it up”, we were “misinformed”, we were “misleading”.   As recently as the Spring 2002 County Newsletter they only talk about averages of past growth, with no hint of the development exploding at our doorstep.  We don’t need a history lesson, we need leadership. 

But wait, in May they suddenly “wake up” and sign emergency legislation stating “present and anticipated development proposals could multiply historic growth rates by many fold and would overwhelm, especially Kent Island, the existing roads, water and sewer and schools…”  Now, right before the September 10 primary, they plan to introduce a “Special Residential Growth Rate Cap”. 

Political maneuvering or asleep at the switch?  The Primary on September 10 will be of major importance.  Be sure to exercise your right to vote.

Terry Babb

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Bay Times 8/30/02, Letter to Editor:

Friends of Four Seasons, a group of about six couples, each write separately of their yearning for the development.

Their President says his group "represents the silent majority".  Well, we'll never know if that’s true since we've been denied the opportunity to vote on it!  He also commends the developer for "developing 41 percent of the available property, which amounts to 950 homes", and goes on to say another developer would not "follow Four Seasons' self-imposed limitations." 

Perhaps he hasn't studied the development plans; 950 is only the number of single family units on postage-stamp lots.  He doesn't mention the other 420 units: 30 separate FOUR-STORY, 14-unit condo buildings, lined along Macum Creek and the Chester River!  The "self-imposed limitations" were not enough, this is still a horrendous project which will degrade our quality of life and the environment forever.

The "$40 million in improvements and contributions" are necessary for and will benefit Four Seasons, not the average citizen.  The average citizen WILL however enjoy picnics in the dedicated 5 acre park under the shade of the monstrous 500,000 gallon elevated water tank, enjoying the facilities paid for by taxpayers, per the DRRA.

Other "Friends" have written that this farmland would be put to better use as housing for active seniors, that they love the Eastern Shore and don't want to leave this beautiful and unique place.  I also don't want to leave this beautiful and unique place, nor do I want Four Seasons to obliterate that beauty and uniqueness!

Nancy Koval
Chester, MD

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