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Subject: Re: Afterthoughts on Public Hearing

I was there for the previous meeting in October and again Tuesday night.  I did have to leave early, however, why is it I have not heard the question asked (or in a statement) re the 300 ft. pier and possibly gambling?

When I was leaving I went over to one of the Hovnanian spokeswomen manning the plats etc. in the lobby.

 My question to her was "do I understand correctly that there is a wooded buffer surrounding the area?" 

 Her response, "that is correct". 

My next question - "how tall will the trees you plant be"? 

She - "we haven't gotten to that part yet". 

Me - "will they be 30 feet tall"

She - "no, of course not"

Me - "well then, HOW can you say and claim there will be a wooded buffer?  If you plant trees that are 3 to 10 feet tall they will not be wooded for 20 years so then aren't you misspeaking and giving an incorrect impression?"

She had no response.

IF you think there is no choice but that this is going to pass, I would prefer to see negotiations for paid fire and ambulance....especially ambulance and whatever can be done for traffic.  We know there will be more ambulance calls for a Sr. development.  If the Kent Island ambulance is busy or fire trucks then they will call Grasonville.  In Grasonville there is such a shortage now that all calls aren't answered.  Ovbiously, volunteerism isn't what it used to be in the 60's and 70's for fire departments.

Shirley Heintzelman 

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