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I was happy to read the past Commissioners' Zimmer and Moeller letter in the Bay Times. It is about time they ended their silence and set Mr. McQueeney and at least part of the record straight. I have personally heard Mr. O'Donnell try to pass the buck and blame certain things on past commissioners' actions. I did not buy into it. Just like the recent claim of No Property Tax Increase... and the commissioners may wonder why we taxpayers don't believe much of what comes out of their mouths. Here is an example:
A recent official QAC "County Line" email newsletter sent by Greg Nizza dated May 10, said among other things: "No tax increase for county residents. The real property tax rate of $.976 per $100 of assessed value will remain the same." END QUOTE. 
I also received a letter dated May 1, from QAC Budget & Finance Director Joseph Zimmerman, CPA that stated "This fiscal 2003 budget proposal is based on a real property tax rate of .976 per $100 of assessed valuation. No increase is proposed." END QUOTE. 
In the May 8th and 15th Bay Times, I saw a public notice that read "QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY NOTICE OF PROPOSED REAL PROPERTY TAX INCREASE." END QUOTE. For those who do not understand the "constant yield tax rate", just think about this, the Commissioners have  decided to keep the tax rate as is, not lower it, in effect creating a windfall of over 1.3 MILLION dollars to the county, direct from our wallet. This is an underhanded way to try to hide a very real tax increase. And not one of the commissioners, Mr. Nizza, or Mr. Zimmerman has the integrity to tell us taxpayers the honest truth here, that QAC IS PROPOSING A REAL PROPERTY TAX INCREASE.  If memory serves, the current  Commissioners have done this in the past.  Anyone else wonder how many more times they have not been entirely truthful with us taxpayers about other things (like Four Seasons)? Just another reason to say "See You Later" to the current bunch at election time. 
Commissioners, you have said you would wait until AFTER the election to publish the Four Season's Developers Rights and Responsibilities Agreement. Why wait?  At least have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing and publish the "Four Season's Developers Rights and Responsibilities Agreement" BEFORE the Primary elections. Chicken? Let's see what you three are really made of.
Burton Jamison
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