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Four Season's Impact Fee

As Queen Anne's County Commissioner McQueeney announced his re-election effort, he stated "projects like Four Seasons, a planned retirement community on Kent Island, can have a positive side. With impact fees at about $6,000 per unit for the Four Seasons project, opponents of the development need to realize all the good things the county can do with that money, namely... improve schools and expand roads."

QAC Citizens be advised of a few facts Mr. McQueeney may have overlooked:

1) The Commissioners recently proposed substantial revisions to the current Impact Fee.

2) NONE of the proposed fee is designated for ROAD expansion.

2) Commissioner's Resolution 01-13 limited Four Seasons to 930 single-family and 420 condos/townhouse units. The maximum proposed Impact Fee per unit for  condos/townhouses is $3900, not $6360 - a $1,033,200 OVERSIGHT.

3) EXEMPTION #4 of the proposed Impact Fee Ordinance states that "No public school impact fee shall be imposed on age-restricted adult or senior citizen housing". This would REDUCE the impact fee for Four Seasons to $1630 per single-family unit and $1331 per condo/townhouse unit, if no other exemptions apply -  a $6,511,080 OVERSIGHT.

4) The proposed impact fee for Four Seasons (after EXEMPTION #4), of $1630 for single-family units is LESS THAN the current fee of $2335 (the rate in effect since 1992). 

5) Even if Four Seasons paid the public school impact fee, the fee could not be used to "improve" schools per se, but must be used to "provide facilities to serve new growth".

Mr. McQueeney : Please get the facts straight and make sure we taxpayers don't end up paying Four Seasons to build in Queen Anne's County.

Richard Moser, President
Kent Island Defense League 

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