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Record-Observer, May 10, 2002, Letter to the Editor:
Who is using all the office space?

Having read in the newspapers of the $160,669 per year lease for new quarters for the Planning and Zoning office and the approximately 25 people they employ, I made a series of calls requesting names of the 25 employees. They can't divulge this information. I also have been to the P&Z office on two occasions. Where are all these people? Do they need $160,669-a-year office space?

Now I find out they already moved approximately March 7. Our Planning Department gets the cart before the horse.  Do not issue permits for additional building until the infrastructure is in place. Our sewage disposal plants can't handle today's effluent.  Witness Corsica River: this plant, when the red light goes on, discharges sewage into the watermen's Boat Basin. The Corsica and Chester rivers are being off bounds to perch fishing, etc.

The Prospect Bay Community, which I stated would never work, with holding ponds and sprays over the golf course, didn't work (smell, etc.). The holding ponds overflowed into Little Greenwood Creek causing it to be closed to fishing, crabbing, etc. The taxpayers in Queen Anne's County bore a large part of the expense of running sewage lines from Prospect Bay to and down Perry Corner to the sewage plant.

Check the dangerous road condition where I personally have seen two accidents at the exit from K-Mart, Food Lion, etc. Traffic flying in from 50 has caused the problem.

If this is good planning, what is bad?



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