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Commissioners Davis, McQueeney and O'Donnell :

Thank you for providing feedback on the recent KIDL mailing. 

The possible 39,000 new dwelling units are, as you point out, a theoretical maximum based on existing zoning  (draft Comprehensive Plan, Vol 1, pg 31). 

The draft Plan also lists Growth Issues & Opportunities (Vol 1, pg 14) that include :

1) "Taking advantage" of new political leadership and momentum" (KIDL interprets this to be the current administration);

2) Establishing "new rules of the game" for larger-scale corporate developers.

It appears that the theoretically possible 39,000 new dwelling units does not include those resulting from future annexations and rezonings to allow large-scale developments, such as those currently proposed in Queenstown and Centerville.

Projections indicate the population in Maryland could grow by 800,000 during the next 20 years. We wonder where these people will live. No one knows for sure what will happen in the future, but we can see what has happened in many Western Shore Counties that have had APFOs and Impact Fees. These tools do not prevent excessive growth. We must act now to preserve our quality of life and the natural environment. We do not want higher taxes, more traffic congestion, strained emergency services, and degraded air and water quality. 

You have already failed the citizens of Queen Anne's County in the implementation of the 1993 Comp Plan by allowing 2/3 of the County growth to occur on Kent Island, when the plan called for 1/3. Also, you have failed to accomplish the 2nd sewerage priority, service to Southern Kent Island.

You have failed the citizens of Queen Anne's County by targeting intense development into Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas and granting the largest Critical Area growth allocation in Maryland's history for Four Seasons. You are considering more large-scale development in Kent Island's Critical Areas for the Gibson's Grant and Ellendale projects.

You failed us in 1999 by removing the annual sewer cap that has invited this tidal wave of large-scale residential development and big box stores in the most inappropriate of locations.

What are citizens to do? Attending hearings, voicing opinions, sending letters and signing petitions has not helped. Perhaps voting in September and November will.

You might regain citizen confidence and support by enacting an annual building permit cap, re-instating the annual sewer cap, and publishing the Four Season's Developers Rights and Responsibilities Agreement BEFORE the election.

Richard Moser, President
Kent Island Defense League

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