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March 2, 2001

Mr. George O’Donnell
County Commissioners
107 N. Liberty Street
Centreville, MD 21617

Dear Mr. O’Donnell:

I attended the public hearings in October and February.  I have two fears if the Hovnanian project, or a similar project, is passed.

Emergency Services  -  When we moved to Chester River Beach 1 ½ years ago, the first week we were here we went to the Fire Station to make a donation.  We found that the fire and ambulance were separate.  We were told then that sometimes there were no volunteers available to make the ambulance calls.  I don’t think this has improved. 
With greater growth this will be compounded.  If the Kent Island ambulance is on call they will call our

Grasonville ambulance.  With the growth being Seniors, to which I am not opposed because I am one, there will be greater numbers of ambulance calls.  We are currently not prepared for that.  If this comes to pass, we need paid fire and ambulance personnel.

Traffic – Last summer it took visitors so long to get to our home from the Western Shore that my son 
Said “I’ll see you in October”.  You know the traffic problems even on Rt. 18 in the summer.  You have been in and see the backups on 50.  Have you lobbied for another bridge?

I am concerned by the “smooth talking” representatives of Hovnanian.  Such as a “wooded buffer”.  The general conception of “wooded” is tall and thickly populated trees.    That buffer won’t be “wooded” for 20 years.  What else are they trying to smooth talk about?

Could it possibly be the “T” at the end of the pier they want to put in that they have not mentioned???  Could that be for a gambling ship that would bring more traffic over the Bay Bridge and perhaps some less desirable  patrons.  The gambling is not what scares me, it is the traffic.  However, why  has this been so quiet?

Finally, This will be a gated community and we will not be allowed to join their country club or facilities yet they will look to our tax dollars in using the county roads and facilities.  HOW can this be fair?


Shirley A. Heintzelman
Grasonville, MD 

cc:   John McQueeney
       Marlene Davis 

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