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Letter sent to QAC Commissioners with copy to KIDL for distribution:
Dear Queen Anne's County Commissioners:
Kent Island has become a dumping ground for growth in Queen Anne's County. Smart Growth is supposed to occur where necessary infrastructure already exists. The roads on Kent Island are not adequate for the many development projects that have been proposed. This is obvious to anyone who has seen miles long backups on Route 50, impenetrable jams on Route 8, and a clogged Rt. 18 trying to make up the difference. Our emergency services are already stretched thin. Compile that with a traffic jam due to an accident on Rt. 8 and your only hope is Medivac.

Why are you bowing to new developers? To get new revenue to build currently needed infrastructure, not to mention the increased infrastructure that will be needed with more development? That equation adds up to an exponentially increasing spiral of money for needs brought on by more development, which creates more needs, then more money, then more development….. Keep in mind the current needs that are not met: public water and sewer down Rt. 8, emergency services funding, and expanded roads systems to mention a few.

The resurfacing on the Bay Bridge compounds our current roads problems. Think ahead to the summer. More back ups, which again, endanger public safety due to the blockage of emergency vehicle passage.

Please, explain the concessions given to developers through your recent actions and the proposed comprehensive plan. Listen to the general public - not the Chamber of Commerce and not developers. We do not want this development disaster. It is too much too fast. 

Regina Dearden

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