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Mrs. Davis, Mr. O'Donnell and Mr. McQueeney:

I encourage you to incorporate some building permit limits into the Comprehensive Plan and, since the plan is only a "guide", to enact legislation implementing said limits.  I also encourage you to look to the visions of the 1993 Comprehensive Plan, which have been largely ignored over the past few years.

I understand that the County intends to raise Impact Fees, has enacted an Interim APFO, and has raised development review fees, all as a means of managing growth.  All I can say is look to the west at Anne Arundel County to see how well any of these measures REALLY work. 

It is very discouraging to know that the 1993 Comprehensive Plan called for development pressures to be taken off Kent Island, and that just the opposite has happened since then.  This new plan actually facilitates more development on Kent Island.  The civic-minded, well-intentioned citizens who sat on the Stevensville and Chester CAC's in the late 90's did not envision a Four Seasons or Gibsons Grant or wall-to-wall housing from K-Mart back to the Kent Manor Inn.  THEY did not put density calculations of up to 6-8 units per acre in the plans.  I can only believe that this is some terrible mistake.  How can we fix it?

Please understand that I am NOT against growth, but growth must not come at the expense of the citizens of a community, or their quality of life.  Kent Island is, after all, an ISLAND.  Lets not make it look like "any suburb USA" with too many houses jammed in on too-small lots, overcrowded and dangerous roads, not enough police or emergency services, overcrowded schools and a natural beauty destroyed forever by man.

Thank you.


Nancy Koval

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