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Dear Commissioners and Zoning and Planning Commission, 

       Your proposed plan has some good points and some bad points. Unfortunately, the amount of building you propose is the biggest problem. You should conduct a study as to the traffic problems that will be caused on Rt. 8, Rt. 18 and Rt. 50. With a new school and lots of school busses on Rt. 8, it has the potential to cause unacceptable back-ups every morning and afternoon. Remember, your taxpaying residents need to go to and from work 5 days a week in order to pay the taxes that all this development will cost us. This will certainly cause other traffic problems on Rt. 50 and Rt. 18.

      Additionally, you are not holding the developers and builders responsible for the costs they will generate to our county. Not only should they pay fully for the initial improvements to our water and sewer systems, but they should also pay for the maintenance of these systems several years out. Your plan places too much of the burden on the residents of Queen Annes County. This plan also allows out of state developers come into our state, into our county and take out lots of profits without even being required to use local workers.

     You can all serve this county best by being responsible and addressing these issues, now. When your Grandchildren ask 'How did our town get so congested?' what will you say? Do not approve the current plan without considerable changes to address these issues.

                    Thank you,

                    Steve Kougoures
                   Chester, Maryland

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