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The following letter was sent to KIDL with copies to the Commissioners and the newspapers on March 8, 2002:

Having just moved to Chester the end of December into one of the new developments (Clayborne Woods) I really didn't think it appropriate for me to comment on the growth of Kent Island....that is until I came upon the article in your website about Gibson's Grant.  
When I saw them comparing it to what they've done at King Farm and Kentlands  my mouth fell open and I  screamed a silent scream (I'm at work so I had to hold it inside). We just moved FROM King Farm and definitely do NOT agree that it is a good thing.  I'm with the person who said to build it in Bowie (anywhere OTHER than Kent Island). We left King Farm as they were just  "building up speed" on their little town center project and it was a traffic  and congestion nightmare and is still to be completed. We'd gone to the almost-completed project of  Kentlands just to check it out when we first moved to the area and it was just horrible as far as traffic goes and did not see the benefit of their "town center" as quite a number of the stores had gone out of business and were vacant. Both projects are the typical  developers move in, build up an area, collect their money, move out and on to their next project and don't care what wreckage they leave behind. 
We moved to Kent Island to get away from that type of lifestyle and because of its quiet beauty and water access.  I'm not totally opposed to some growth but not to the extent of what they are proposing for Gibson's Grant. Sorry for going on and on but that really hit a nerve, can ya tell?


Terri Maguire

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