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Letter to Editor published in Bay Times 2/13/02:

One of Webster’s definitions of the word Influence is “The corrupt interference with authority for personal gain”.

I had the displeasure of reading the County Chamber of Commerce views as well as the letter written on behalf of the Bay Area Association of Realtors, both on alternatives to, and issues against, impact fees. The committee the chamber put together consisted of either executives from the chamber, or developers, realtors, builders, or builders supply people. I doubt this group or the Realtors Association could be considered unbiased. 

I am appalled that they both suggest that the current citizens fund their growth through increased taxes; $200 per house for fire, for example. They also suggest any added police expense is necessary because of all the traffic going through the county on Rt. 50 and is not caused by growth within the County. My common sense says both of these points are absurd.

You paid for consultation and you know the cost to facilitate the growth you seem determined to have. Don’t put this cost on the backs of the current taxpayers in this County, and please do not let the Webster definition of Influence mentioned above apply here.

Everyone knows you will not raise taxes in an election year, but my fears are for next year in the unlikely event you get re-elected. I assure you the QACC and BAAR cannot donate enough money nor generate enough votes to keep you in office. It is the rank and file citizens of this County you need to be concerned with. Pass the bill required to raise the impact fees as per your consultants’ recommendations NOW! Since you cannot please everyone anyway, why not please the tax paying voters you are supposed to represent?

Benjamin Cassell

Candidate for County Commissioner


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