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 Dear Commissioners

 I'm sure you have poured over tons of mail about the proposed Four
seasons sight, I hope that every letter helps to inform you a little more on all
the information that should be taken into account. I hope that my letter
will be one that is informative and helpful as well. I was in attendance
at the meeting on the 27th about the proposed building sight. I walked
in, ready to fight to the end, got my vote No sticker and found a place to
stand. I was quick to learn that there is alot of information and 
demographic ideals I had never taken into account.

I am not a local to the shore but I am definitely a Marylander having
lived in Frederick, Carroll, Anne Arundel, Wicomico and Queen Anne's
counties. I have seen how building can totally reshape the landscape and
the people of a given area.

The biggest issue that I had never taken into account is the lack of
housing for the elderly whether it is assisted living or not. I feel
strongly that we should move towards providing this type of housing so
that local people do not have to leave once they require special
housing. It also became very apparent that this issue was debated by a well
educated, well imbursed and non local group vs. mostly blue collar local
folk. It seemed as though the people that love this special place didn't
have a chance against the almighty dollar.

It sickened me to here Montgomery county residents at the microphone
telling us why we should let them move here and make our home more like
 there's. Have any of you ever been to Montgomery Village in

Is this what we want Kent Island to look like? Every square foot of land
covered with town houses and condos? 293 acres minus 83 acres of forest
minus 25 acres unused land = 185 acres approximately.....hhhhhmmmm 185
acres divided by 1350 dwellings = 0.137 acres per dwelling! Now I
realize that some of the buildings are multi family but, is this the kind of
intense growth we want?

Mr. O'Donnell I use to live in the house next to yours so I think I can
make this figure hit home for you. 0.137 acres per dwelling would be the
same as 3.7 dwellings in your yard!

Have you driven thru the traffic circle at Queen's landing on a Saturday
in July? I do not care what study has been done common sense tells us
that this will be a nightmare! It will be like driving in Glen Burnie!

The woman that got up to defend her right to do what she wanted with her
land told us that she could not farm the land because it had become
gridlocked with houses. This is her idea of an solution to that problem?
There is alot of farmland not in use on Kent Island, are we doing
anything to improve conditions for farmers? I think that we should or else this
is going to keep happening. The dollar is very powerful!

We love this place we call Our Home, we love it because it is special,
unlike any other place. 

As you drive home look out the window.....that is why you love this

Richard Reed 

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