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Letter to Editor, The Capital, 3/4/02:

Kent Island traffic 

I am again strongly advising that we have a very serious, dangerous traffic problem on Kent Island in the Stevensville-Chester corridor. 

Since the Queen Anne's County Comprehensive Plan was published, the following have occurred: 

  • The destruction of the World Trade Center, with accompanying nationwide threats of terrorism against bridges and nuclear power plants.
  • The plans for the proposed Four Seasons and Gibbons Grant projects and others, which will have nearly 2,500 housing units -- and which in time will add an average of 25,000 vehicles a day to this compact corridor. That's 6,500 to 7,500 more people!
  • The Bay Bridge's four- to five-year re-decking project, which is causing serious traffic accidents, and backing up traffic for miles on Route 50 and north and south on Route 8. 
The state's recent highway expenditures in Queen Anne's County materially benefit the "ocean gateway" traffic to the Atlantic, but did little to benefit or improve the dangerous Stevensville-Chester corridor, or help the many Kent Island subdivisions access Route 50 and Route 301. 

The State Highway Administration should be vigorously pressed to immediately build the Cox Creek and Thompson Creek frontage road. This frontage road south of Route 50 and Route 301 would materially improve access and reduce traffic on the gridlocked Route 8 interchange by providing ready access to the nearby park-and-ride lot and south Kent Island. 

Interstate 95, running from Maine to Florida, has crossed every river, waterway, marsh, swamp and wetland draining into the Atlantic Ocean without apparent ill effect on the environment, so it seems reasonable the Cox-Thompson frontage road can be constructed in like manner. 

Also, we need the eastern bypass, with another bay crossing.


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