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 I recently read remarks by Queen Anne's County Commissioner John McQueeney about increasing the county Board of Commissioners from three members to five. 
I am appalled that he was quoted as saying, "A lot of people, after a year, they don't even remember what they voted for" and "But we don't want anyone to be able to say we didn't listen to them." 

Mr. McQueeney: You're joking, right? The residents have been waiting for over a year for the commissioners to finally get around to this issue. What were you waiting for? For us to forget? I assure you that many residents remember what we voted for. 

You and the rest of the county commissioners don't listen. What about Wal-Mart and Four Seasons? Where is the "fast-tracked" stop light for Bay City? The list is endless. 

You also were quoted as saying "It's my opinion that this is very political" and "We know our job better that anyone else, and if I needed help I'd be the first one to ask." 

Of course it's political. We voted for the change. As far as knowing your job and asking for help, I seriously doubt it. 

You asked for help on the impact-fee issue. The taxpayers paid for a study and a report. You and the other county commissioners disregarded the information. 

What about the county budget? Director of Budget and Finance Joseph Zimmerman expects $1.4 million less from the county's 2002 general fund and is worried about 2003. Your indecision about raising the county's impact fees will certainly have a major impact on the county's budget. 

Mr. McQueeney, you were elected to represent the residents. Start representing.


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