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To the Q. A. County Commissioners:
There is a familiar saying of course that "Justice delayed is justice denied".  That was the immediate reaction I had when I learned of the QACC's decision to postpone the hearing on proposed impact fees.  As I think more about it, I am even more convinced that this action is another example of the QACCs avoiding there responsibilities to all of the county's citizens while catering to the few who are developers.  I am strongly opposed to this delay in the application of fee increases which rightly have been found necessary and appropriate through careful, independent study.

This delay action, whether you intend it or not, is a major concession to developers.  Correspondingly, it is another significant hit on county tax payers like us.  The longer you delay the application of impact fees to pay for infrastructure cost that these developments directly cause, the more you force us taxpayers to carry the load disproportionately.  As I have said to you before, this County's taxes are exceedingly high given past economic trends and the relative services that are (not) provided.

It is all the more disturbing that you try to portray this delay as being in the interest of hearing all voices and alternatives.  If you really wanted to do that, you would have gone ahead with the hearing.  Moreover, the alternatives that were mentioned seemed completely inappropriate and would have the opposite of the 
desired effect of putting the burden of costs on those who cause them.  What is going to happen during this delay, no doubt, is that many developments will be able to go ahead and avoid the impact fee increases that they should be paying. Who will cover the resulting costs?  You don't  have to answer that question for me.

Carefully considered decision making is fine. Shirking is not. The facts are in.  The proposed fee increases are less than they should be given expert opinion that we, the taxpayers paid for.  Get off the dime and do your job ... and stop catering to developers!

Frank DiGialleonardo
Centreville, Md  21617

P.S.  I would appreciate getting some acknowledgement that these emails responding to requests for comment are actually received by your office.   

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