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Subject: Great Job!!!


You're doing a terrific job and you're voicing the beliefs and feelings of many of us.
Thank you for that. I know that we're losing some of these battles, but I have great
confidence that the next election will make the Commissioners eat some or their words,
especially the words "frustration", "disappointment" and "misconception" taken from their letter,
found below.

We need to be sure they're 'frustrated' by our efforts to get them unseated, 
in whatever public position they ever choose to seek; certainly they will be
'disappointed' when they lose and realize they'll have to find other venues to serve
whomever it is that they actually serve; and they will probably have the 'misconception'
that our zeal is somehow personal, (it's not, it's just good community business)!

Please continue to do a wonderful job and also know that the people I speak with about
these issues are supportive, as well. I always encourage them to join our ranks.


Steve Kougoures

The following taken from Letter from the Commissioners:

The state Board of Elections recently declared the referendum petition
regarding growth allocation for the Four Seasons project on Kent Island
to be deficient and invalid.

First, we certainly understand the frustration many residents feel
after having spent so many hours collecting more than 4,000 signatures, only
to have the effort rendered moot by this decision. Your effort was
historic for Queen Anne's County and your disappointment is understandably great.

Second, letters and e-mails we have received make it obvious to us that
many of you have a misconception about who denied the petition and
why it was denied.

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