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Letter to the Editor, The Capital 12/2: 

Four Seasons 

This is an open letter to the Queen Anne's County Commissioners: 

Last year you were presented with a petition against Four Seasons with 2,198 signatures (two less than required for vote). After the public meetings at which people said no, there were many letters saying no. These were ignored. 

More than 20 percent of the registered voters in Queen Anne's County -- over 20 percent! -- said for you to let them decide on the fate of Four Seasons. This came after the public meetings in which people said no and the many letters in which they said no. This was also ignored. 

You three can still stop the project, but choose not to. You chose to ignore the people of Kent Island and Queen Anne's County. And the people will remember this at election time -- you better believe that. 

Now you accuse the Kent Island Defense League of disinformation? How dare you say that. 

What about the disinformation coming from the commissioners' office and the planning and zoning office? How about the letter to the editor from Commissioners President George O'Donnell, D-Queenstown, saying it was not the commissioners' fault the petition was turned down? 

We should not even need the petition in the first place. The project should never have been approved to start with. That is the point, and you three just can't seem to get it. 

And now you offer an e-mail newsletter full of more propaganda? In it, will you say why this is good for Kent Island and Queen Anne's County? I suspect it will more of the same that has been coming from your office for the last few years -- that, I am 100 percent sure of. Thanks for nothing.


Published December 02, 2001, The Capital, Annapolis, Md.
Copyright © 2001 The Capital, Annapolis, Md. 

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