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For the last fours years, I have resided in Stevensville, Maryland.

I wish to express my opposition to the Four Seasons, Ellendale Farms and Gibson's Grant proposed developments.

So far, the Queen Anne's County Commissioners have, in my opinion, done
a good job of balancing the needs of growth and preserving the quality
of life that attracted people like me in the first place. Property
values have gone up, and the Island, at least by my perspective, is
still relatively easy to get around (except during Fire Department
Parades, the Bay Bridge Walk and any given Saturday in the Summer).

Kent Island is a desirable place to live, but it does face a big
challenge in that it could very quickly become as congested and
charmless as (fill in the blank with a Western Shore community of your
choice.) The Four Seasons development is way too big, and all of the
proposed developments would ruin some of the most beautiful parts of the

I think if you were to contact any of the people who live in my
neighborhood (most of them registered and active voters), you'd find
very few in support of any of these developments. Thank you for your


Eric Hartsock 

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