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To the Commissioners of Queen Anne's County

I read with interest how you reduced the impact fees originally suggested by your consultant by close to $2,000 per residence. If you respected the consultant (Tischler) enough to utilize their services why do you not respect the results of their study?

Considering there would be over 5,000 new homes in the upcoming years and a half of a student is allocated to each home, that means there will be at least 2500 more students that will need schools and teachers, not to mention roads and emergency services. By lowering the recommended amount by $2,000 per residence you have basically shorted the county of $10 million. How are you going to make this up, or should I guess it will be made up by higher taxes to the citizens?

I think your reaction is too strong to only a perceived market impact. These charges would be with us for some time and would exclude many developments already under consideration, anyway. Please give the tax payers of the county a break by implementing the total fee originally recommended by the consultant. 
I also read where George O'Donnell was quoted as saying this, in essence, is part of a plan that has been in place for a long time. It appears to me that the plan continues to encourage significant growth paid for by citizens who don't even want the growth to begin with.

Benjamin Cassell
Stevensville, MD 21666 

3-01-2002   Benjamin Cassell of Stevensville has announced to KIDL that he is planning to run for County Commissioner.  Mr. Cassell is looking for volunteers to help with his campaign.   He may be reached at bcassell@toad.net .  Please direct any inquiries or responses directly to Mr. Cassell.
This is a public service announcement and should not be construed as an endorsement.  KIDL
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