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Letter to the Editor


 Count me in as another concerned citizen of Kent Island who cannot understand how land that is
designated as "critical" resource conservation and limited development can be so easily reclassified to
intense development. Why is developer enrichment so much more important than our irreplaceable
wetlands and wildlife? Who in our county is listening to our concerns? Our County Commissioners need to
do everything in their power to stop the excessive sprawl. I hope that in the next election, the people of
Queen Anne's County will vote for Commissioners who will NOT support turning our beautiful county into
an area of mass congestion, like Northern Virginia.  I'm thankful that there ARE people who care enough
about the current quality of life here to take a stand, and to try to save it. These people have formed the
Kent Island Defense League and I would like everyone involved to know that I greatly appreciate the time
and effort that you are investing on our Island's behalf.  

K. R. Hale 
Chester, MD 

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