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Responding to comments on Four Seasons Project

 I would like to publicly respond to the Chamber of Commerce President’s comments in the October 3, 2001 Bay Times regarding the KIDL petition drive to put the Four Seasons project on next year’s ballot.

 His points are, at the least debatable. For example, the bribe offered by the developer of a new fire truck to the volunteer fire department would not be necessary if the development was halted, and the $25 million in sewer and water upgrades he speaks of aren’t targeted for existing residents anyway.  Furthermore, the County has been given challenges to the “millions and millions” in positive fiscal impact he spoke of, and by my own analysis is no greater than that of any other development and in the end will certainly cost the County taxpayer many more dollars. I really like the “open space for park land” – meaning that some of the land is probably not fit to build on anyway.

OK, so this developer doesn’t build an assisted living complex. I am certain the voters in this county would welcome some one else that wanted to build one without the 1400 or so other high density homes to go with it. He had one real point though – the impact on local businesses – many of which are owned by people who don’t even live in this county, and obviously do not care about our critical areas - but now that I think about it I really haven’t noticed any Kent Island businesses fail from lack of population. 

 In the same Bay Times article the developer, K. Hovnanian appears to be threatening us by saying they will build under existing zoning if the petition is successful and it appears they will have to back up that threat as the numbers I read say there will be a referendum. If this means one house per 20 acres in the Critical Area, then that is just fine with me. I really can’t believe that a corporation that size would invest the millions it did without some kind of “deal” with the county government. I think that KIDL is sending the right message to the developer – deal with the citizens, and to the County – protect our critical areas and listen to your constituents before dealing with anyone.

Benjamin F. Cassell

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