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A copy of the following letter to the Governor was submitted to KIDL for distribution:
Dear Governor Glendening:

             In response to the State of Marylandís announced support of smart growth through its participation in local land use proceedings,  I would like to bring your attention to how Queen Anneís County needs similar assistance from the state. 

            The controversy over the proposed WalMart in Chestertown has been news on the Eastern Shore since before I bought my  house on Kent Island eight years ago.  Not long after that, however, the issue of a proposed WalMart Superstore at the eastern end of the Bay Bridge arose as well and continues to this day.  Your support of the Kent County Planning Commissionís recent denial of the WalMart proposal for Chestertown cites the likely adverse impact on the local business district. Mr. Governor, right at the gateway to the beautiful Eastern Shore, we are facing that negative prospect and much more.  

              In addition to the negative economic impact on existing community businesses (including the KMart across the street), widespread local opposition has highlighted the excessive burden this large commercial project would place on already strained traffic and water/sewer capacity.  As a resident of the Route 8 south corridor, I experience regularly the limited capacity of the single road in and out of one of the most populated areas of the county.  This is much more than a matter of aesthetics. 

             As you are aware, the Queen Anneís County Commissioners have filed an appeal of the Circuit Courtís decision to overrule their denial of sewer and water allocation for the proposed 28 acre site at the foot of the Bay Bridge.  This ill conceived project is but one of numerous development proposals weighing down a quickly growing Kent Island. We urgently need the State to support the Countyís appeal to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals to uphold the denial of this poorly planned development.    

Brian Fitzmaurice
Stevensville, MD  

cc: Delegate Wheeler Baker
     Maryland Dept. of Planning Secretary Roy Kienitz
     Queen Anneís County Commissioners
     Annapolis Capital, Bay Times 

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