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Letter submitted by email to the QACC regarding their intent to appeal.   A copy was  sent to the Kent Island Defense League.
Commissioners O'Donnell, McQueeny and Davis,

Thank You ALL for this decision on Kent Commons!!

The Hotel and Conference Center, good location for both, and I support them.  And any various pad sites for restaurants and the like. 

But NOT a Wal-Mart...  Look at the cover of your own 2000 Study, four pictures that capture the essence of the county... See any Row Houses, Condos, Big Box Stores, Traffic Gridlock??  No.  That is not what QAC and especially Kent Island is about, we have enough!! 

You now have a "Thumbs Up" on the KIDL website regarding this decision.  I call it like I see it, and give credit when it is due.  Now if Mr. Thompson can meet the deadline...

On another note, a community similar to Kirwans Landing, Cove Creek, or Southwinds, with more open space and larger shore line buffers, that would be good for Kent Island, and I support that type of project...  What Hovnanian is proposing to build is NOT good for Kent Island, and I think you all know it.   I am against it 100%. 


Burton Jamison
KIDL Web Guy
Stevensville, MD

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