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On August 17th the following letter was submitted to The Capital and The Bay Times for publication.  A copy was also sent to the Kent Island Defense League with a note from the sender to "Make sure . . . everyone else involved knows my appreciation is extended to them as well. . . .  it's very nice to know that people are making the effort to protect our interests."  
Its been a long year, and many of us have worked long and hard on this, so we ALL appreciate the sentiment, especially the thanks to Rick - the glue that holds us together.  


About a year ago, my wife and I, and our five kids were half scared out of our wits because of the proposed Four Seasons development planned on Kent Island, right behind our house. We were supposed to be subjected to really nice view of several three or four story apartment buildings, next to yet another strip mall just off Castle Marina Road. We were so scared that we put our house up for sale and actually had a contract on it before the grass roots effort to oppose this monstrosity took hold in our community. Over the past year, many QAC citizens have come together and voiced their opinions (mostly against, as far as I can tell) about this development. One of the leaders of this effort to get the facts out about this development and the approval “process” (or “fast track” as some have been known to call it) has been my neighbor, Rick Moser, president of the Kent Island Defense League.

Well, thanks to Rick (and many others), some changes occurred in the proposed development; enough so that we decided to stay put and join in on the fight to save our community from this gross example of over-development.  More changes are certainly needed, but without the efforts of many citizens of Queen Anne’s county, I’m afraid we would have seen bulldozers already spoiling our beautiful and delicate countryside.

 I’ve seen many letters written to the county commissioners, and others, to express their concern over this project. I just thought it would be appropriate to voice my appreciation to Rick, the KIDL, and all the other folks so dedicated to preserving our Kent Island.

Andrew Spiegel

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