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The following letter was submitted to the Bay Times today, along with a copy to the Kent Island Defense League for distribution.  The article referred to follows below:

Published in The Bay Times Wednesday, August 8, 2001:

I read with interest the reader written letter, “Kent Island too small for major growth”, in the letters to the editor section of the July 25th, 2001 issue of The Bay Times. I too, live in Kent Island Estates at the end of Route 8. When I first moved to KIE, I was just as frustrated about the water and sewer problem as the author of the letter, Jennifer Fitzmaurice. The County Commissioners always stated how much of a problem (logistically and financially) it would be to provide southern Route 8 with county water and sewer. 

However, I have a different perspective. 

Over time, I started to think about the negative consequences of the county providing water and sewer to the southern end of Route 8. The cost to the homeowner will be substantial. The homeowner will have to pay a one time fee to connect (approximately $7,500.00 in Bay City), they would also be responsible for the front footage assessment along with the (quarterly) usage bill. Additionally, just because the county is supplying the water doesn’t mean you’ll get better quality water. Just ask the residents of Bridgepointe.

Since water and septic problems (and restrictions) would be moot, how much more housing will be built? To me, this is the most chilling thought. Will all the farmland adjacent to Route 8 become homes? 

In exchange for county water and sewer, do south Route 8 residents want more homes and traffic? So you see, I’m not so sure that I want county water and sewer.

Sincerely yours,

Eric J. Bentley

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