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Guest Comment: Kent Island has unique planning needs; please, let's protect it 

By: THOMAS G. OYSTER  July 27, 2001

STEVENSVILLE - There are few places in our nation that have Kent Island's unique community planning obstacles.

Kent Island is connected to the western shore by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the overflow from Washington, D.C. and Baltimore urban centers. 

We are charged with stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Stevensville North Growth Area is a large environmentally fragile area, laced with streams, ponds, and creeks. 

Kent Island is bisected by recently constructed Route 50/301 limited controlled access to favor Washington and Baltimore reach-the-beach traffic.

This controlled access cut off many local roads and failed to provide additional roads necessary to maintain normal traffic flow on both sides of Route 50/301.

Stevensville is our children's educational center. High, middle and elementary schools are concentrated on the north side of our Kent Island divided by Route 50/301. These schools draw students and supporting people from the lower third of Queen Anne's County.

There are high voltage transmission electric lines in front of the Middle School and entrances to the Elementary Schools!

(A tragedy waiting to happen?)

Lacking a truck stop, trucks are scattered all over the Island at fast food outlets, parked in fire lanes, impeding traffic!

In the Stevensville area only one overpass connects the northern and southern parts of town and there is no way to get from South Stevensville to South Chester without getting on Route 50/301 and fighting the 70-mile-per hour traffic.

Developing public linkage through the Four Seasons development is imperative. The road connection between Castle Marina Road and Love Point Road together with the service road on the south side of 50/301 between Thompson Creek and Cox Creek should be provided for public and bus transportation and emergency evacuation of Kent Island.

How is our "rails to trails" facility being protected? Dedication of rights-of-way for extension of trails should be made through Four Seasons.

We're at the mercy of the accidents, car fires, and maintenance flowing on and off the Bay Bridge.

We're lulled to sleep during moderate activity days, but by the end of March, traffic, wrecks, and maintenance work erupts again.

There are 21 million trips a year on the Bay Bridge.

To allow Four Seasons to erupt through one entrance on our little Route 18 traffic circle would have disastrous effects on Kent Island!   Please do not let this happen. 

Thomas G. Oyster writes from Stevensville. 

©The Star Democrat 2001


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