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See News Item Concerning  Bridgepointe's whooshing water  The Capital  June 27,  2001 

July 6, 2001

Alan L. Quimby, Chief
Queen Anne’s County Sanitary District
Public Water and Sewer
P.O. Box 56
312 Safety Drive
Centreville, Maryland 21617-0056 

Dear Mr. Quimby: 

I am a resident in the Bridgepointe Townhome Community and I am writing you concerning the condition of my water.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Board of County Commissioners meeting held at 8 o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, June 26th at which some of our community’s concerns were addressed.  Like so many people that would have liked to attend, at 8 o’clock in the morning I was on my way to work.  However, the water filter and bag of water on display came from my home.

I have owed my home at 7001 Bridgepointe Drive since 1994 and the condition of the water has continued to deteriorate until it is now a constant source of frustration.  Before I describe to you the source of my frustration, I want you to know that all of the people I have spoken with, and dealt with at the Sanitation District have been responsive, polite, and have tried a myriad of fixes, all to no avail.

 As I sit here typing this letter, it has been eight days since I have been able to do white wash.  Yes, the Sanitary District will supply all of the Iron Out I want, but I don’t want it, it ruins my clothes and irritates my skin.  So what does this mean?  It means I’m going to have to take my white clothes to a laundromat.  I’m going to have to spend money and precious time, neither of which I have to spare, doing something I should not have to do.

My daughter and her two little boys live with me and we wouldn’t think of making juice, boiling potatoes, cooking oatmeal, making our morning coffee or even brushing our teeth with the water that comes into my house.  I don’t even like to shower in it.  Recently I showed a sample of it to a friend and he said he wouldn’t wash his car with it.  So what does that mean?  It means that every day we have to go to Safeway and buy five or six gallons of water. 

 Mr. Quimby, I am a widow living on a fixed income and working part time to make ends meet and my daughter is a single mom.  So what does that mean?  It means we cannot afford this added expense, and we surely do not need the constant source of frustration.

Now, here are some of the things that have been done by the Sanitary District to try to alleviate our problem:

They dug up the yard in front of my house in the hope that attaching my line to the larger main in Bridgepointe Drive, instead of the one in my clue-d-sac, would alleviate the problem, it did not;

A fire hydrant, that is not really a fire hydrant but a blow valve, was installed in the hope it would solve the problem, it did not, and 

A filter was installed on my water line where it enters the house.  The type of filter that was installed is not really designed for my kind of problem, which is apparent because I still have the problem.  I continue to use it however, because the gunk it does catch I surely would not want to come through my pipes and into my house. 

When the filter was installed I was given a box of six replacement filters and I was told they should last six months to a year.  I was also told I would be responsible for buying my own filters after those were gone.  They lasted six weeks.  At the end of a week, sometimes less, the filter is so clogged that water has trouble passing through and as a result the water pressure inside the house gets so low we can’t take a shower or fill the bathtub.  When I tried to buy more filters I found they would cost about $12.00 each so I called the Sanitary District and told them I simply could not afford to buy the filters and they have been providing them.

 Recently we have experienced some bazaar conditions:

Before we do laundry we fill the washing machine with water and check it to determine what, if any, wash we will be able to do.  About a month ago my daughter noticed the water was a lavender color.  I called the Sanitary District and it was obvious they were concerned and they came right away.  It seems, somehow, too much potassium got into the water.  I have been told this could have been a dangerous situation.  We don’t know how long it had been that way, we only noticed it because we had a washing machine full of water; in smaller quantities it would not have been as apparent.  Fortunately we do not drink the water.

There has always been a lot of air in our lines, however, on the 19th and 26th of June there was so much air in my water lines that I thought my toilet was going to explode when I flushed it.  As the tank was refilling it blew water and gunk everywhere, and the same thing happened when we turned on the faucets.  I couldn’t even take a shower before I went to work on either occasion.  In the first instance they used my hose to drain the line and it took almost two hours before it was clear of air.  I was told that there was a malfunction at our pumping station and the pump had been sucking air. 

I have been told so many things I don’t know what to believe.  I have been told the problem lies with the State because they won’t allow the Sanitary District to drill lower where the water would be better.  I have been told that I am one of only three people in the District that have such an unsolveable problem that they had to install a filter.  Most recently I was told that because I am the last unit in my building and the line enters the building at the other end, all the air and gunk ends up in my unit.  I guess that idea comes from the philosophy that “…t runs down hill.” and I’m at the bottom of the hill and there is nothing I can do but move out of the way; that is so ridiculous it’s insulting.

 I know this is not your fault, or the Commissioners’ fault, or our Representatives’ fault, but Mr. Quimby, something is very wrong and someone has to do something about it.  I have been patient as long as I can and I feel it is totally unreasonable for me to pay as much for my water and sewer service as someone who is not plagued with my problems.  I just received my water bill yesterday and it is $180.07.  Due to the quality of my water I am only going to pay half that amount, and I feel that is probably too much.

Never in my sixty plus years have I had to give one thought to the quality of my water when I turned on the tap in my house.  As a child I lived on a farm and we had a well but never, never, did we turn on the water and have to say,  “We can’t do laundry, or cook with or drink the water today.”


Edna Mae Kincaid

Cc: Hon. George M. O’Donnell
Hon. Marlene Davis
Hon. John McQueeny
Hon. Walker M. Baker
Hon. Wheeler Baker
Hon. Ronald A. Guns
Hon. Mary Roe Walkup
Dick Fisher, Council President
Morris Jones, Vice President
Richard Flynn, Secretary
Kathleen Arnold, Hyatt Property Manager
Kent Island Defense League
Annapolis Capitol
Bay Times

See News Item Concerning  Bridgepointe's whooshing water  The Capital  June 27,  2001 

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