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St. Michaels, recognize what we can lose

June 15, 2001

Mr. Jump's June 8 letter in support of Midland's bulldozers is that he has lived here all his life and during that time he has seen the town become "a glorified strip mall," leaving nothing worth saving from even worse forms of development.

Travel around the country and you quickly see why St. Michaels is a unique treasure. I would be delighted to charter a bus and give Mr. Jump and anyone else in St. Michaels a tour of the western shore to see how truly bad it can get when developers rule the realm. There, you won't find people like the St. Michaels Town commissioners with the courage to face down the insatiable appetites of developers. Let in one out-sized development; 20 will follow.
Mr. Jump is correct, many of those who want to preserve St. Michaels have indeed lived somewhere else. They have witnessed first hand what happens to semi-rural towns when multi-million dollar developers with their empty promises, political muscle and public relations spin artists get through with them. Gridlocked roads, 10-minute waits at one stoplight after another, and good luck trying to get to the hospital during rush hour.
If there are those in St. Michaels who no longer see anything worth saving, then those who do care need to form a legal defense fund to pay the price that needs to be paid in Midland's all-out war of litigation against St. Michaels' citizens.

JEFF McGUINESS,St. Michaels 

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