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  The following letter was submitted to the Star Democrat for publication,
with a copy to the Kent Island Defense League:

 Subject: Adequate Public Facilities & Ratios

 At the end of the Talbot County Council's 3/2 vote approving  Bill 808 in late March, Councilman Buddy Harrison stated that he would  support an Adequate Public Facilities (APF) Ordnance for the County. He  was saying that adequate public facilities should be provided for  before the approval of any new development i.e. we must anticipate the  fallout from a new project on the community. Plus, how will such needs be handled and funded?

 Take Midland's PUD wanting 396 new homes in St.Michaels'.  How will its buildout affect traffic, roads, schools, drinking water, sanitation, the Miles River, police, fire fighting, town services and  resources in the future?

 It seems the County and Towns might need, in advance, APF  planning ratios that say hypothetically, 400 new homes means about 900  more people, 800 more school children, 40 new school rooms, 825 more  vehicles, X road impact, Y increased sewage disposal and land fill  expansion, and Z more police and firefighting capacity, etc. The  question is how to deal with and pay for these blossoming requirements?   Demographic figures must exist to generate these planning ratios giving  residents a vision, of a future, they may or may not want..

 It seems that Adequate Public Facility Ordnances are a must  for our towns and the County! Corresponding planning ratios should be  developed to help us achieve sound growth by anticipating the developers  unwanted spinoffs from residential, commercial and industrial projects.

 Eugene B. Mechling, Jr
 Easton, MD

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