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Dear Ms. Price:

OK, Iíve waited long enough to respond to the Q. A. County Commissioners "Resolution 01-13" proposing a conditional approval of Growth Allocation for Four Seasons.

Iíve read all the letters sent in to all the papers by the handful of Four Seasons supporters. The "vocal minority" (2200 petition signatures collected in one day!) has been silent since the announcement, but no more. I still just donít get it. Why is an Island targeted for this massive development? Who can sit in traffic for hours due to an accident on the Bay Bridge and believe Kent Island can handle another nearly 4000 houses and 1.3 MILLION square feet of commercial in the next 10 years? Yes, nearly 4000 houses. This was taken from the Countyís own Rt. 8 Corridor Plan study and doesnít even include any houses to be built on septic systems in areas not serviced by sewer! The County says this is a "worst-case" scenario. Unfortunately worst is what Iíve begun to expect. Look at the Countyís "growth areas" on a map . . . environmentally fragile Kent Island is being sacrificed to the Growth Gods. 

But wait, donít for a minute believe the rest of the County is safe. Read the "Wanted to Buy" section in local papers and see the ads by local developers looking for farmland. Two ads by different developers ran in the past week or so. Development outside the "growth areas" may not be as intense as that planned for Kent Island, but donít for a minute believe it wonít happen, in great numbers, no matter WHAT the Commissioners say.

Mr. OíDonnell, after hearing his own Director of Public Works was stuck in traffic during a medical emergency, said yes, the accident was terrible, then points out weíre in the midst of a beautification project on the QA side of the Bridge!  Well, thatíll sure help! He must be referring to the $40,000 plus sign being planned for the foot of the Bridge to let all the prospective buyers know theyíve arrived!  What is wrong with this picture? 

Responsible growth MUST be made a priority, not NO growth, but RESPONSIBLE, steady growth that will leave Kent Island and Queen Anneís County a desirable place to live, not a paved-over mess. 

ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED FIFTY unit Four Seasons is NOT good for Kent Island or its residents, its the beginning of an avalanche. 


Nancy Koval
Chester, MD  21619

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